I can't believe that guy just compared me to Hitler. I did Nazi that one coming, amirite?
@could cause a hole-or-cost you a bunch of money.

Puns like your's are not funny, Anne Frankly I'm not laughing.


You don't have to come and confess, we're lookin' fur you, we gon find you, we gon find you, so you can run n' tell dat, run n' tell that Dickmasher dick-dick-dickmasher!

Food Network is porn for fat people...

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will cause someone to bring a gun to school and kill everybody, amirite?

If they brought a gun to math and killed everyone that would be a MATHACRE get it massacre? Not funny okay... crickets chirp

Who cares? He isn't the first thing to die in a tank in Germany...Ooooh

Stereotypical Asian parent: "Your blood type is B+? Why not A+?" amirite?

Wow, this is a deja vu, I swear I just saw this post...

If someone back traces something, then you should know that you dun goofed up and the consequences will never be the same, amirite?

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Roses are red, nuts are brown. Skirts go up, pants come down. Body to body, skin to skin, when it's stiff, stick it in. It goes in dry, comes out wet. The longer it's in, the stronger it gets. You pull it out and it starts to sag... Oops! It's not what you think, it's a Lipton Tea Bag! amirite?

This whole thing is obviously taking about a penis.

Is it me or are the "stars" on Dancing With The Stars getting less and less famous, amirite?

Can my mom run for Vice President and say stupid things so I can be on Dancing with the Stars too?!

It's fun to humor the creeps on Omegle, amirite?

This was my recent conversation on Omegle:
Stranger: i'm soooo wet
You: Then dry off?

It turns out that when Jigsaw was selecting people to be in his traps, the selection process had nothing to do with their not valuing life, and it was exclusively because they never forwarded chain-mail, amirite?

Good thing I have already died 251 times!

I just read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. Not to start any trouble, but it should be an even number. amirite?
Why is everyone on Family Guy so mean to Meg? She didn't even do anything wrong. amirite?

Who let her back in the house?

It's fun to humor the creeps on Omegle, amirite?
@SalientK I'll just blurt out some random statistic like "The current fishing habits in the mid-Atlantic area are...

You: Hey!
Stranger: horny females only
You: Like horns of a bull?
Stranger: no like wants sex
You: With a bull? That's gross!
Stranger: nowith me
You: Are you a bull?
Stranger: im a guy
You: ...A guy bull?
Stranger: fuck you asshole cunt fuck
You: Such language!
You: I thought bulls couldn't type
You: WTF?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Animal testing should be illegal, Amirite?

When every member in our family is hale and hearty, it is very difficult to understand as to why the innocent animals are used for testing purposes that usually ends up killing them. But it usually starts to make more sense when someone in the family or you yourself starts suffering from a life threatening disease. It is a very symbiotic relationship that is also a very integral part of medical research. Testing on animals has helped develop vaccines for many life threatening diseases like Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis B, Polio, rabies, malaria, mumps and virus related to organ transplantation rejection. In addition to this, animal testing has also helped in the refinement of procedures related to measuring the blood pressure, pacemaker technology and the perfection of the heart and lung diseases. You will be surprised to read that anesthesia which is used to numb the body during surgery and acute pain is available today after it was successfully tested on animals first.