You hate it when people who claim to "love music" listen to nothing but mainstream stuff , amirite?

But when people say they love music usually they are telling the truth. Just because they may not listen to a variety doesn't mean they don't enjoy it...

They should really put How I Met Your Mother on Netflix instant streaming, amirite?

projectfreetv . com

Costumes that are way too much money just arent worth buying, amirite?

I agree...but at Blizzcon (WoW expo thing) it's more rewarding as it's some peoples dream to go on stage/get photos with people - essentially just be loved by everyone for a few hours....

(I'm not a fan myself, just for the record, I just hear about it).

It's kind of weird that someone becoming best friends with a person who isn't their partner, spending all their time with them, telling them everything and connecting with them really well in general, isn't considered cheating when having a random, drunk, sexual encounter is, amirite?

In all fairness every girl gets a little jealous (some more than others) when their guy gets close to another girl; even if it isn't considered cheating and you shouldn't really be annoyed it's can still cause arguments in some relationships.

It's so weird when you see the biggest douche-bag have really kind parents, amirite?

Yeah, I agree with sb123. The parents are too kind to say no or discipline them, so they grow up into douche-bags. Sometimes it's ok to be blunt or truthful with a kid so they won't grow up cocky.

When you were a kid, the gift that you gave grandparents and distant relatives was usually a card enclosed with your most recent school portrait, amirite?

Never happened to me. Why send me a photo of myself? I wouldn't really enjoy it.

It sucks when the teacher calls out your name and that one kid in the back loudly says, "Who's that?" amirite?

I automatically don't really like people like that. If the teacher calls out your name, you'll be in the room most likely, so they say it knowing it'll probably hurt you at least a tiny bit which just means they are loud-mouths who don't think about others.

Even though you may be in a relationship, you can't help but to admire a nice rack on a girl walking by. amirite?

I'd say I'd be annoyed if my boyfriend did this and I saw him, but at the end of the day it's not like he's going any further than that so I'm cool with it. Mostly...

So I'm sixteen, 8+7=15. Seems fair enough.

There's always that one type of candy that you simply will NOT eat, amirite?

I don't like liquorice candies. And I hate any kind of 'green' flavour like apple and lime! And cola flavour. I'm not that keen on chocolate...Wow, I just realized how much I dislike most candies :/

You want oreos right now. amirite?

I only put thumbs up to keep the score at zero.

Robert Sheehan and Stefan Abingdon look strangly alikee, amirite?

I thought that when I watched one of Stefans videos while watching Misfits

When a girl tells you that she just had her period, you are officially in the friendzone. amirite?
@drhannah Periods really aren't that traumatic, but thats sweet of him.

Oh I'm not saying it's traumatic aha It was just a painful one, it made me feel so drained.

When a girl tells you that she just had her period, you are officially in the friendzone. amirite?

My boyfriend is mature enough to not get grossed out when I tell him. And I tell him because I feel a bit run down and he asks how I am.

When I last got my period my stomach was cramping/headaches so I napped in his bed then he made hot chocolate for me when I woke up :) Good way to gain some comfort aha

Not ever wanting to grow up is the best thing ever, amirite?

Yeah, but there's a difference between never moving out/never getting a job/never having responsibilities and wanting to not lose time to have fun/relax/not get stressed out through work etc.