your kinda hungry right now, amirite?

I've just ate pretty much my body weight in pasta...

If your bestfriend lives far away, and is coming for half a month, it's okay to be with your bestfriend during that time rather than your boyfriend, amirite?

If your boyfriend cared about you he'd want you to enjoy time with a friend you hardly get to see. I mean, he'll have your time for months after probably so why should he be that bothered?

You feel sorry for people who got their zodiac sign tattooed on them, amirite?

It only applies to people born after 2009, because I suppose you were born with that sign and it can't just change. So I don't feel sorry for them, because it doesn't make a difference as the only people who will maybe call them out on it in the future are only a few years old.

You love your boyfriend. You think he's super cute. But you refuse to make it facebook official till his facebook gets a cuter picture so your friends won't think you're dating an ugly guy, amirite?

To be honest, you can't love someone if the first compliment you think about them is 'he is super cute' -.-'

If you love someone it usually involves some aspect of their personality to make you feel like that.

You've choked on your own spit before, amirite?
@In the middle of class

That's the worst place for me. Start choking in the pure silence.

It doesn't seem like there are any chavs at Hogwarts, amirite?

True, but it isn't such a huge majority to make a difference. In Hogwarts it's cool to be smart.

If there were a workout you could do in bed, you would. Constantly. Amirite?
It doesn't seem like there are any chavs at Hogwarts, amirite?

That's because most kids at Hogwarts have a level of IQ chavs will never achieve.

After the Harry Potter series is over Daniel Radcliffes career is pretty much screwed, amirite?

He's on broadway, and he played in Equius (spelling?) as well. He has enough money to keep him going for a hell of a long time anyway and he's acting on stage still. To be honest he's a good actor and I'm sure he'll get a lot of roles as millions of Harry Potter fans will like him too.

He'll do well, in my opinion.

Spiders are a good example of an insect that are actually kind of cute, amirite?

Ew! They way the run just...urghghh shivers

Girls, even if thinking about it is sometimes gross and weird, you've masturbated/touched yourself at least once, just to know how it feels like, amirite?

It feels damn good. To be honest it relieves stress for me, I don't understand how someone wouldn't do it because it's just natural.

Even though she's a sadistic loony, you love Bellatrix Lestrange, amirite?

I think the woman who plays her in the movies plays her really well! The character really makes me laugh aha Love her!

Tom Felton / Draco Malfoy has gotten way hotter over the years. amirite?

He is gorgeous! I've always had a crush on him, even from the first movie.

The small red bird and the bommerang bird in angry birds suck, amirite?

I've never used the boomerang bird :( I didn't know there was one, but I've only played Angry Birds Rio for a little while, is it in there?

harry potter used to be for kids but now its for adults, amirite?

It used to be, but then those kids grew up and obviously kept reading them over a course of 10 years (I think?) and grew into adults while doing this. So yes, I think it is a book for young adults to feel closer to their childhood every now and then.