Girls: you shave your arms, amirite?

Some girls do, because Indian girls have dark hair everywhere: upper lip, arms, stomach and even sometimes the chest I've seen!

Personally I don't as I have light hair on my arms and my skin is quite light also, but I understand it when people have to.

It's ironic how none of the judges on America's Got Talent were born in America, amirite?

I'm from England and for the first time was just watching the show when I came across this post :P

Sadly, Everyone lies to the dentist about flossing, amirite?
@shelbyam118 Am I the only one who just straight up says he doesn't floss?

Yeah, I've never flossed and my teeth are fine. No fillings, not a single cavity, no issues. But, I don't eat much sugar because I dislike most fuits and most sweets...if that makes a difference?

You know that it's not the mentally retardeds' fault for being born that way, but you can't help but think they're rather annoying at times, amirite?

Everyone says we should treat everyone equal, so be they mentally retarded or not I'm going to keep to that rule. Just because someone is mentally challenged it does not mean you can't find them annoying because some people just are. I know someone who is like this and I also know someone else with it who is lovely.

It's ok to find people without mental retardation annoying, as you can't like everyone, so it's also fine to find someone with it annoying too. Sometimes it just tires you out and if you're in a bad mood anyway it's hard to handle.

Never open your eyes while making out. 1. It's rude 2. Everyone's faces look weird that close up, amirite?

I sometimes open my eyes for like a second, but only because my eyes feel an ache when I close for for a long time - even when trying to sleep. The eyes sort of feel they need to stretch. It's really weird.

Sometimes it seems like your mother is torturing you through dinner choices, amirite?

I've cooked my own meals since I was around 8. Easier because I never liked what my parents cooked for me.

Whenever someone does something, like running over your toe with a shopping cart and then apologizing, why do we say "It's ok..." Why don't we say something like "That hurt you stupid idiot!" Amirite?

Because they apologised and bitching them out wouldn't make my toe any better...

Canadians spell colour differently because we always like to include 'u', amirite?
@GabrielBrown Yes, only Americans spell the stuff without "U"s. Sorry guys, but we just like color, favorite, odor, and all the...

Yoghurt has the 'h' because it's pronounced a little. That's why in an American accent you sort of go "yo-gurt" instead of "yog-hurt" like others.

Vegetarians: It sucks when you go out to dinner with a bunch of meat-eaters because they always get appetizers with meat in it and there aren't many vegetarian dishes, amirite?
@Miss_Anthrope Vegetarians don't eat fish, pescetarians do.

Ok, but minus the fish option there is still enough to chose from to have a good meal out.

Vegetarians: It sucks when you go out to dinner with a bunch of meat-eaters because they always get appetizers with meat in it and there aren't many vegetarian dishes, amirite?

Fish appetizer? Or stuffed mushrooms, garlic mushrooms...a salad?

The world would be a better place if everyone's motto was "keep calm and eat a cupcake." amirite?

A fatter place maybe...

When you were younger, you used to make your hand into a fist, put your pinky up, and say "girl" into it, making it sound like "doy" in a weird voice, amirite?

Have never done it, but I just tried it. And it doesn't sound like 'doy' when I do it.

It's irritating when you have your feet up on the seat in front of you at the movies and some prick decides to sit there, amirite?

I'm not too fussed. If it bothered me a lot I'd just move over a couple seats.

Those people who send you private messages asking why you NW'd their post are pretty annoying. Just accept it! Amirite?

Do people seriously do this? :/ It's such a waste of time, everyone has an opinion and unless the person comments on their view you don't need to question it or try and counter it. Just accept it.

You hate that weird feeling in your arms and hands in the morning where your muscles are too weak to grip anything.. amirite?

Never had that before.