It's stupid that you're not allowed to hit your own kid. If corporal punishment won't teach them, nothing will. Amirite?

God, people. I used to get spanked, and I'm actually much better behaved/well-mannered than most kids in my year at school. I didn't turn out bad and I do not hate my parents.

I admit, sometimes my parents spanked me for wrong reasons or stupid things, but it wasn't to the point of beating me. Most of the time I deserved it. Our Grandparents probably got spanked and to be honest their generation were better behaved than ours when they were our age.

It's annoying when you go to a friend's house and you're starving, so you hint that you want food, but they fail to get the point and don't give you anything, amirite?

I just ask for some crisps or something...

All of your life you can't wait to be older until you hit 25 and you wish you were younger, amirite?

I'm 16 and with I could be younger again :P to a time where my parents didn't work all week.

The way that people have been making excuses about genetics forcing them to be obese, I'm starting to think that "genetically obese" people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. Otherwise, we're all going to end up looking like Wall-E people. amirite?

Some people put on weight more easily, but it doesn't mean they are destined to always be obese. Slightly overweight is fine, so is being a bit chubby, but you can do so many things that stops you being obese and it annoys me that some people are too lazy to try but complain about it constantly -.-'

Rant over

The song "I can see for miles" by The Who would be known as "I can see for kilometers" in the UK, amirite?

The UK uses miles for most things, apart from in maths at school from what I've seen, and science.

The song 'bleed it out' by Linkin Park would be a great soundtrack for a tampon comercial, amirite?

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It's irritating when people roll down the window when it's freezing cold or raining outside, amirite?

I only voted NW because I have to admit that I do this and I'd be a hypocrite if it annoyed me when someone else did it too.

Having to break up with someone can be just as painful as being broken up with, amirite?

Not all the time. Sometimes one person falls out of love with the other even though their partner is still in love, breaking up is far less painful for the one who feels less.

Has anyone ever imagined what would happen if a species of animal over threw the human race? Like chickens selling humans at your local store, amirite?

I heard somehwere that if ants were bigger they have the brains and strength compared to their size to do quite a lot of damage.

You hate when someone is a flirt, and when you confront them about it, they flat out deny it, amirite?

Some people don't realize that they flirt. I've been told I flirt with my guy friend, I don't like him like that in any means, but we do it playfully and never noticed until someone told me and I denied it for a while. They'll realize eventually, they probably honestly believe they don't.

Why are doritos shaped like triangles? They're too big to fit in mouth, so you have to break the chip in half anyways. Why doesn't the company just make the doritos another shape? amirite?

They fit in my mouth anyway, but I still break it in half because that isn't really a big deal to me. They taste good, so I don't care it takes more than one bite to eat it.

How do we know that only dolphins and humans have sex for pleasure, I mean, how do you prove that, amirite?
@JACK278 because humans and dolphins both masturbate. duh

I don't think humans and dolphins are the only ones who masturbate, have you seen monkeys in the zoo? Can't keep their hands off themselves.

You don't even know why the Kardashian's are famous, amirite?

Because they are rich and pretty?

The oldest is the experiment child the youngest is the 'perfect' child and everything is the experiment's fault, amirite?

No, for my family I'm the youngest and it always tends to be, in my parents eyes, my fault. My sister just never gets the blame and I'm louder when I get anrgy aha so they only hear me in arguments.

You've changed clothes in your car more times than you'd publicly admit, amirite?

I just never have, but I'd never be ashamed of it.