All white prom dresses either look like wedding dresses or nightgowns, amirite?

Not always, if the white dress in above the knee with the skirt puffed out and maybe a black ribbon around it then is looks like a very pretty prom dress. Or an above the knee hitched dress I was going to buy, I got it in a sort of silver colour instead because I'm also wearing it to a wedding and I can't really wear white to that aha

You do have to be careful though.

It makes no sense that some people support abortion yet oppose capital punishment, and others oppose abortion yet support captal punishment. amirite?

I actually support both, but I see other peoples side.

Capital Punishment is killing someone who killed someone else - guilty and does not deserve life. In theory anyway, some innocent people did die from it.

Abortion is killing a completely innocent child who did nothing wrong, and deserves to live.

Why do we kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong? amirite?

I know a lot of people won't agree with me, but usually if someone kills, whether it be by anger or planned out, they have a pretty big potential to do it again. Some people may not, if they killed someone who abused them they probably won't and in my opinion if that is the case the person should only get jail time.

But people who kill and get put in jail, act all nice and good to get parole and out of their punishment. It isn't fair on the family who have lost an innocent loved one.

There are several theories to arguing with women, sadly none of them work. amirite?

I'd say act calm and casual, but if a girl is in a bad mood that doesn't really work, just angers us more aha

I think Tom Felton, who plays him, is sexy!

He also sings, writes his own songs. He's quite good in my opinion.

A preppy girl takes a picture in her underwear and she's a "slut", a scene girl does it and she's "beautiful.", amirite?

If anyone posts a photo in their underwear on facebook, they still look slutty...and maybe slightly desperate.

When you hear people speaking British, you secretly wish you could too. amirite?

Not all of us do :) I love British accents much better than American, Irish and Scottish accents on men are just sexy! <3

It is generally a bad idea to give your indian friend a leather jacket for his birthday, amirite?

I click no way because I didn't see the bad side...but now I've seen the reason aha But most of my indian friends aren't that religious and actually do eat beef.

Your best friends' crushes always seems to like you more amirite?

None of them actually have :P I like way different people than my friends though. I tend to like tall and geeky-ish looking and they like muscular sporty people aha

Its pretty rude when you're eating something, and someone walks in and announces "Ew! That's so gross!" or, "I HATE (name of whatever you're eating) amirite?
@isomorphic Well then, more for me.

I was about to post this :) I don't care if someone doesn't like what I'm eating, I've always ate weird combinations of food. Well, weird to some people.

Looks can matter in a relationship, but they should never be the most important thing. amirite?

I think my boyfriends hot, but if he got into an accident or something and lost his look/got scars or something I'd still think he was beautiful :) Looks do matter, a little, but when it comes down to it sometimes personality can make someone gorgeous.

The ugly couples in the hallways are getting out of hand. amirite?

I really hate this post, and I really hate how many people YYA it. I'm sure there's a whole load of people who think you're ugly, but you wouldn't like it if you dated someone who you thought was amazing and everybody was like 'ewww, ugliest couple, ever!'

It irritates me. Learn to not base people on their looks. They are happily in love while your on the internet moaning about their happiness -.-'

Sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye, amirite?

I love how whenever someone posts song lyrics I always know which song it comes from aha Even though this song is quite popular and quite a few people would recognise it.

Amazing lyrics in this song! Made me feel a bit better through rough times in my life.

It sucks when someone you think is your friend, spreads a nasty rumor about you, then half of your school thinks less of you. amirite?

What's worse is when your friend tells you a huge secret/rumor, everyone finds out through the other person they told and your friend doesn't believe you didn't tell anyone so refuses to speak to you -.-' even though you did nothing!

sometimes when all you want is a second chance you have to remember; sometimes goodbye is a second chance. amirite?

Shinedown. And I hate when people say they want to throw up at something corny, half the time if someone said something cute to you and cheesy you'd find it nice, not vomit worthy.