people just don't use those ridiculous texting abbreviations anymore, amirite?

It's actually become cool to have full sentences with no grammatical errors. Thank God.

I was just thinking how funny it is when people say "it's all downhill from here" meaning it in a bad way. Because personally, I'd much rather go downhill than uphill. But I guess I'm just lazy like that, amirite?

And then there's the saying 'it's going to be an uphill sturggle' ... so either way, the hill isn't a good place to be.

Spiders are a good example of an insect that are actually kind of cute, amirite?

Ew! They way the run just...urghghh shivers

A preppy girl takes a picture in her underwear and she's a "slut", a scene girl does it and she's "beautiful.", amirite?

If anyone posts a photo in their underwear on facebook, they still look slutty...and maybe slightly desperate.

It's kind of weird that someone becoming best friends with a person who isn't their partner, spending all their time with them, telling them everything and connecting with them really well in general, isn't considered cheating when having a random, drunk, sexual encounter is, amirite?

In all fairness every girl gets a little jealous (some more than others) when their guy gets close to another girl; even if it isn't considered cheating and you shouldn't really be annoyed it's can still cause arguments in some relationships.

You are always pleasantly surprised when you find out an actor who you didn't know sang has a really good voice, amirite?

Tom Felton! <3

fat girls need love too, amirite?

How can people 'no way' this, really? Everyone deserves love.

It would be sweet if drinking water cancelled out calories, amirite?

apparently cold water does :P because it burns calories to make it warmer but I'm not sure

I threw it away at my ex is a prick and pretty much insults me whenever he can and I regret having sex with him :/ So yeah...if you really do like the guy wait until you are sure he will stay with you for a long time afterwards at least.

You stay up late for no goddamn reason other than for the sake of doing it. Probably making up for those years with a parent designated "Bed Time". amirite?

I know! even when I need to sleep and there's nothing to do I still stay up late :/

Your best friends' crushes always seems to like you more amirite?

None of them actually have :P I like way different people than my friends though. I tend to like tall and geeky-ish looking and they like muscular sporty people aha

The world would be a better place if everyone's motto was "keep calm and eat a cupcake." amirite?

A fatter place maybe...

people who go on amirite need a name too-how come MLIA readers get to be MLIA'ers but we dont get to be anything =( amirite?


When your standing on the edge of something really high in the air, you have a weird sudden urge to jump amirite?

I think this might be a repost but yeah, it's a really scary feeling if you're on top of a cliff and want to jump for no reason

When you're dieting, you can eat only one m&m and feel really guilty all day, amirite?

I'd be quite happy I didn't go crazy and eat a whole packet. One m&m isn't enough calories to make me feel guilty on a diet aha