People say that marijuana is good for you because it's natural, but they don't realize that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe. Wanna know what else is natural? Bears. amirite?
Arizona says life starts two weeks before conception. That is incredibly stupid, amirite?

"Hey Jen, I think I'm going to give my virginity to Brad next weekend."

"Holy shit, Ashley! You're pregnant?!"

When you walk by people, you make quick judgements about them like "ooh she's hot," or "she has really cool clothes," or "he needs to work out." You wonder what quick judgemens people make about you, amirite?

"Why can't I be as cool as him?"

I mean that's what I assume someone would say about me if I ever left my house.

Nobody really knows why there's that black spot on the back of an iPod touch, amirite?

I've heard some people think it's the microphone.

You've see your cousins naked, amirite?
I have to apply a moist ointment to my groin every night. That's the grossest sentence you've ever read. amirite?

After several long minutes of intense squeezing and secretion of a yellow, mucos-like goo, the large pimple finally burst into a violent volcano of pus of blood onto the adjacent wall; the man shrieked out in delighted agony and proceeded to stick his finger into the wound, squishing around at the muscle and tissue in his back.

There is nothing wrong with having small boobs, amirite?

Actually, there's 2 things wrong. hello smilie

(Bracing for negative votes)

You think porn should be banned, amirite?

While we're at it, we should ban sunshine and rainbows and kittens and the smell of a new pack of Pokemon cards and everything else wonderful in the world.

It's strange that a lot of humans see themselves as separate from other animals in the animal kingdom in two distinct groups: human and non human animals. There's really nothing special about people other than their intelligence, in the same way there's nothing special about a cheetah other than running at 70 mph and keen hunting instincts. There's no reason for humans to think of themselves as special or seperate ... amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter I didn't mean for the ellipses to be there. It's supposed to say "There's no reason for humans to think of...

But we ARE better than other animals. I mean, we're at the top of the food chain. That's kind of a list of 'who's better than who'.

In the movie man on the ledge the part where everyone starts cheering for him to jump your respect for new yorkers dropped a little, amirite?

You have a vast vocabulary.

You are so √, amirite?

The whole radical thing is just a cover-up.

She thinks we're all a buncha squares :'(

people would flip if someone named their kid God, amirite?

"I slept with God last night."

Sometimes you wonder if anyone actually ever says that Pepsi isn't okay at restaurants that don't serve Coke, amirite?

"I'd like a Coke"

"Is Pepsi ok?"

"Bitch you bettah be playin'"

There are several weird mistakes you seem to always make, despite knowing they're wrong. (Ex: I always tend to swap 2's for n's and vice versa when writing) It's as if some connection just went permanently wrong in your brain. amirite?

If I'm writing a lot and I'm truckin' along, I'll tend to rewrite two words at a time.

Ex: And then suddenly the man jumped and quickly thrust his spear into his into his opponent.