It makes you sad when you hear the cool beginning to the song ice ice baby/pressure and you aren't sure which song it is, amirite?

No, I only get sad when I find out it's ice ice baby.

Artists that say their own name at the beginning or during the song, no matter how good, are going to look stuck up and conceited. amirite?

Except Street Corner Symphony when they said their name in "Down on the Corner" that was just legit.

It got a little hot and steamy in your shower this morning, amirite?

Actually are water heater broke last night.
So it was cold and frosty in my shower today.

Peter Pan is climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo people up, amirite?

Tryin' to take em. So yall need to hide yo John, hide yo Mike, hide yo John, hide yo Mike, and hide yo Wendy, cause he's taking err'bdoy out there.

In marching band, there's stereotypes about all the instruments. Flutes are ditzy, clarinets are annoying, saxophones are lazy, the low brass section is really pervy, the trumpets/mellos are obnoxious, and the pit is really weird, amirite?

I'm a boner for life. =D

Christians: A person should be able to go to church at their own free will and not be pressured into feeling guilty every time they decide not to go, amirite?
@LyssaBlau Going to church isn't required or necessary to be saved so it isn't a big deal at all...that's dumb.

Precisely, no where in the Bible does it say that you must go to church. It does, however, say that going to church can strengthen your faith and fellowshiping with other believers is beneficial to your spiritual life. But, it is not a requirement.

It's extremely bothersome when the audience claps offbeat during a live musical performance, amirite?

Just imagine when you're in the band and trying to keep the beat when all those people are off. It's freaking annoying.

If everyone today had to obey the bible 100% almost everyone would be executed or stoned to death,amirite?

That's why there is this thing called salvation given to us by a really cool guy named Jesus. It's pretty awesome

Hedwig and Dobby's death were completely unnecessary, amirite?

Why does everyone forget about Colin? I think that might have been the worst death... his name was juat in a list.

Who lives in a tiki head under the sea? Squidward Tentacles! amirite?
Presidential election results would be very different if the candidates didn't announce who was Republican and who was Democratic- if they only declared their beliefs/ policies/ plans and people were left to vote based upon only that, amirite?

Isn't that how it was supossed to be like when we founded the country?

It would also be beneficial if people didn't know what the person looked like. Some race or gender shouldn't matter in your decision. It should be what they believe

Christians: A person should be able to go to church at their own free will and not be pressured into feeling guilty every time they decide not to go, amirite?

Well, to be a true Christian, it is required that you recognize Jesus as your Savior and accept the fact that you are a sinner and He died for your sins.

It was indescribably terrible that in America, our ancestors horribly wronged Native Americans, disgusting that they enslaved Africans and now hideous that today we persecute gay people. However, perhaps the most terrifying prospect is that once the gay people finally have equal rights, it won't be too long before we start treating another innocent group inhumanely, amirite?

I think people are missing the big picture and how Christians are being persecuted. How many people on here have generalized the fact that all Christians hate gays? I have a friend whose one of the most religious people I know who has a shirt that says "God loves gays too." Being need to stop judging Christians. I'm sicking of people relating Christianity with hate when that's not what it is about at all.

A veces, te gusta hablar en español para nada. ¿Es divertido, no? ME GUSTA COMER POLLO, amirite?

Linguam Latine amo. Mater tua natat in sella pertusa mea. (you just got owned in a dead language)

Disney girls are sometimes seen as weak because they seem to need men, but most show strength in unique ways. Mulan is a war hero, Pocahontas respects the earth, Belle is intelligent and patient. Jasmine is adventurous, Meg saves her self from being a slave, Arielle is curious and wishes to explore worlds beyond her own. They are much better role models than the Disney girls today, amirite?