In marching band, there's stereotypes about all the instruments. Flutes are ditzy, clarinets are annoying, saxophones are lazy, the low brass section is really pervy, the trumpets/mellos are obnoxious, and the pit is really weird, amirite?

I'm a boner for life. =D

Within our own Milky Way galaxy, there are over a billion stars. Each star ranges from 100 km to millions km in diameter and each individual star is light years apart from its 'neighbour'. Scientists, with the use of the Hubble space telescope, estimate that there are over 100 billion galaxies within the universe. In comparison, the earth is only around 13,000 km in diameter. After you get over the initial "mind blown moment", you realize just how small and miniscule we are. amirite?
@lionanimagus And it all came from nothing.

I was being sarcastic... Because, when you see information like this, it clearly points to a Creator.

Hedwig and Dobby's death were completely unnecessary, amirite?

Why does everyone forget about Colin? I think that might have been the worst death... his name was juat in a list.

Eventually ABC Family is going to have to change Harry Potter weekend in to Harry Potter week, amirite?

And it will be the most super-mega-foxy-awesome-hott week ever.

It's better to abort the fetus if you know that it has a condition that will cause it to be in pain it's entire life, amirite?
@EstoniaObsessed I'm pretty sure there's a difference between saying it's better to abort a fetus that's going to have a very short...

Regardless. This poster is referringto the fact that Hitler killed the handicapped and disabled, which is essentially what this person is saying. Since the baby will be disabled, we should kill it.

Even if a song was originally intended to be religious, if you're not religious you have every right to interpret it differently, amirite?

Also, the inverse is true as well. Many non-religious songs can be taken as religious. Their are plenty of 'love' songs out their that aren't about God that when I listen to I think of God. Heck, I've even heard parts of Metallica's songs that can be taken religiously.

Peter Pan is climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo people up, amirite?

And, it's actually fly and tell that lostboy.

Almost everyone goes through a Beatles phase at some point in their life, amirite?

I strongly dislike the Beatles. Their harmonies are sub-par and their lyrics aren't interesting. Sorry

Southerners: you freak on the inside when you find THE perfect sweet tea, amirite?

I'm from Ohio and love sweet tea. I like McDonalds sweet tea a ton. It's essentially sugar water =D

its totally easy to search how magicians do their tricks online, but you wouldn't ever do that because you like the thrill of seeing "magic", amirite?
@amiright_or_amiright I'd do that. Then I'd go to a magician's show and scream 'FAKE!' after every trick, and proceed to tell the...

Wow, saying that their magic is fake. I bet no one ever thought of that. You mean it's not real magic? You're so cool for figuring that out!

The Who is way better than The Beatles. And John Entwistle is blatantly better than Paul McCartney. And if you disagree, you've never watched John play, amirite?
@troy2112 True, John is a better bass player than Paul, but I think most people were looking at the first sentence

Regardless, Moon, Daltery, and Townshend all were much better than their Beatles counterparts

Christians: A person should be able to go to church at their own free will and not be pressured into feeling guilty every time they decide not to go, amirite?
@LyssaBlau Going to church isn't required or necessary to be saved so it isn't a big deal at all...that's dumb.

Precisely, no where in the Bible does it say that you must go to church. It does, however, say that going to church can strengthen your faith and fellowshiping with other believers is beneficial to your spiritual life. But, it is not a requirement.

"I'm not saying that electric guitarists are inferior, I just think the other band members have more talent. Some of my best friends play the electric guitar!" "Yeah, whatever you bassist", amirite?

Bass is the most underrated instrument. Maybe I'm just biased though...

Brawl players: nothing's worse then the feeling of sheer terror when you realize your up special isn't going to get you anywhere near that ledge, amirite?

Ike either barely makes it or epicly falls into the abyss.

Your hand is incapible of hitting the orange button on rockband or guitar hero, amirite?

I play bass and a little guitar. Of course, I started playing after I played guitar hero. I have 5 stars on every hard song on III and I believe I have every except one or two 5 stared on expert. Wham Bam