How do the "Stay off the grass" Signs get there in the first place? amirite?

I'm guessing a well-placed throw

@jen this made me antidisestablishmentarianism all over myself.

that doesn't make sense, you person who doesn't know any sesquipedalian words

If you put the government in charge of the desert... In 3 years there would be a shortage of sand. amirite?

that could be good depending on what they replaced it with

No one can be 'OCD'. That stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a person can't be a disorder. They are simply being obsessive-compulsive. You also cannot be 'really OCD' about something. And no, you don't 'totally have OCD' because of a couple of idiosyncrasies. amirite?

I have OC moments ocasionally, but i always say i'm really organized or something.

Evolution is all based on theory; they don't Actually know how life began; so anyone who believes in evolution is just practicing another form of religion, that is to say, having faith in a higher power (scientists) about the beginning of life without any Actual Proof (definition of a theory). amirite?

I also yea'd it, now that i see your point. I thought you were stating science is wrong and you are right. I didn't know you realized that idea of religion isn't perfect. My bad.

There are suddenly a lot of famous people on amirite. Pedobear, Chris Hansen, and the Joker. We must be getting popular, am I right?
Guys AND Girls: You would actually like to be a virgin when you get married, and you want your spouse to be a virgin too - then sex is something that only you two have. You want this even if you don't admit it or it's not religious, amirite?

i would try it when we're engaged, just to know what it's like. Even if i didn't like it, i would just stay with her.

You're jealous of those people who have known what they want to do with their life since they were 12, amirite?

i'm 14, and i know what i want to be, ever since picking high-school classese

It's depressing only 67% of American youth know who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, while 98% know who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Amirite?
@th3don Bring the entire city including the water they live in.. Otherwise theyd die anyway.. So wed hafta dig a bigass...

but you forogt, these are sponges and fish. In reality, a fish doesn't take up that much space. a bedroom would be more than enough for them

people say its shallow to go for someone for looks instead of personality. But to be honest, you gotta be physically attracted to them before you go and get to know them. Then if you find out they have a bad personality you become unattracted to them. So its not really shallow when it all starts because of looks. Amirite?

It's not shallow when you date because of looks. It's shallow when they have a good personality, but you break up with them because they look less good.

everytime a new guy celebrity comes around that a whole bunch of girls like, guys always have to be all "oh that guys gay. hes a tool." blah blah blah. ex. justin bieber, jonas brothers, zac efron. what makes them gay or a tool? the fact that your GF's totally in love with him? amirite?
@th3b055 it depends on the kind of music or dancing

Totally agree, we call Zac Efron gay for singing in High School Musical but no guy would call Drake gay

''Enemy UAV spotted''...FUCK!!! amirite?

i have stingers on all my classes, just in case. this includes my silent ninja class

When you get up the internet, amirite is the first place you go, amirite?

it's the first website i go to, but facebook is set as my homepage

Ninjas are never accurately portrayed in the media. Yes that's right, Ninjas did not in fact wear black, carry various pointed objects with them and teleport from place to place. amirite?
The most important meal of the day,servin' it up...Gary's way. amirite?

Gary must have been so full at the end of that episode