About me.

Tv: My favorite subject! I can't decide my favorite so I have different categories for my favorites(:
Comedy: How I Met You Mother, Scrubs, Friends, The Office, That '70s Show
Kids: ICarly, Sonny With A Chance,
Cartoons: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Simpsons, Family Guy,
Drama: Greys Anatomy,

Movies: I'm not a fan of movies because tv shows tell long stories that can keep you on edge but in movies they have to try and squeeze that into like 2 hours! But I still have some favorites(: All Harry Potter, The Ugly Truth, Zombieland, 27 Dresses, The Little Mermaid, Cars, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King 2, Shrek, The Candy Man, Nightmare on Elm Street pt2, The House Bunny, and more(:

Music: I basically love all music(: I usually listen to alternative, pop, and country(: I OCCASIONALLY listen to rap but (usually) only Eminem! (: I also listen to hip-hop but only when I want to dance(:

Books: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter! I've read the series over 4 times(: