Masturbating at age 11 is normal, amirite?
In cultures where text is read from right to left, when someone from that culture pictures time on a linear scale, the past is on the right with the future on the left. In languages with masculine and feminine pronouns, a natural speaker of that language is more likely to point out the aspects of that object that are generally associated with the pronoun's gender. The effect that language has on how we perceive the world is astounding. amirite?

I read somewhere that it affects how you see color. For example, a red piece of paper was shown to a native English and a native Hindi speaker. After a while, they showed them an orange piece of paper and asked if it was the same color. Most English speakers said no, but most people who spoke Hindi, where they don't have separate words for orange and red, said yes. They did a similar test with English and Russian (where they have different words for light and dark blue) speakers. The English speakers thought they were the same color, but the Russian speakers could tell the difference.

At first I read this as "Chase, the black guy" as if Chase was the name of the black guy. I wondered why that would be an appropriate name for any sport.

There aren't really any good words for male attractiveness, amirite?

Again, I suggest "you're a big bag of sexy flakes"

Girls: Even if you support equality, sometimes it is fun to be a bit sexist to men and then justify it with 'Fuck you. I had to fight to vote.', amirite?
Just because I have a penis and you don't doesn't mean I have to be the one to kill that spider, amirite?

I always make other people kill bugs for me, even if they're a girl.

I'm not sexist, I'm just a wimp.

@Skr3wBall I have the stamina of a dehydrated moose... track just doesn't work for me.

That is not acceptable. You have to run track. It is your destiny.

I was playing my Pokemon Gold version last week and now I can't find it. I looked everywhere but only found my Silver version. I guess it's true what they say; nothing gold can stay, amirite?

Nature's first green is gold,
her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower,
but only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
so Eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

A future full of adults who were never properly disciplined as children, and who were given trophies for simply participating in events in school, sounds like something out of a dystopian terror film, amirite?

In my elementary school we had the "Olympics" every year. It was basically like field day. We got the whole day off to participate in little competitions like races, jump roping, etc. Usually there were 12-13 people for each event, and first through fifth place would get a ribbon.

Then so many annoying parents complained that their kids didn't receive any/enough ribbons, the school had to completely change it. They weren't cancelled, but they were only half a day long, you couldn't choose what activities you did, and you had to stay with your class and do group activities.

I'm extremely unathletic and never won ribbons, but I (along with every kid) hated the new Olympics.

I feel like this story is somehow relevant to your post.

I think I've seen this on another website before...

Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?
@OliveYou we can't wear anything with a smiley face on it... they think it's a gang sign.

OMG, I laughed too! I would get a smiley face henna tattoo on my face or hand or somewhere obvious, and if the school said anything to me, I'd yell "IT'S FOR MY FALLEN HOMIES!"

Dear Justin Bieber,
I was here first. I made the hair flip popular. I made girls faint. I was the teenage hottie. I was the boy who sang like an angel. I was every girls dream. Now, every girl in the world loves you.
Jesse McCartney, amirite?

Dear Jesse McCartney,
Don't play that game. I was here first.
Sincerely, Aaron Carter

They really need to make a word for that feeling where you're not too hungry, but you can eat. amirite?

From this day forward, it will be called cholangy.

"I'm starving! I'm going to get lunch."
"I'll go with you. I'm pretty cholangy."

It's never fun to be the third wheel, amirite?
If they shut down facebook, people would be roaming the streets in tears , shoving pictures of themselves in other people's faces yelling "DO YOU LIKE THIS?! DO YOU?!", amirite?