Girls, sometimes you find yourself rubbing guy's dicks, amirite?

I have to make friends somehow.

Logs onto FaceBook and reads 5 song lyrics, 2 people telling what they're doing right then at that very moment, 3 stupid pictures of food or funny faces, 4 attempts at a witty remark, 1 truly funny witty remark, and a person who likes 75 pages. amirite?

AWW NO UR SO PRETTY !!!!!111!!!11!
NOT AS PRETTY AS YOU!!!!1111!!!1!!

Stfu, ur both ugly.

You can tell a lot about a girl from her favorite songs, amirite?
@Wooohooo I like the music from 100.5 the peak. What does that say about me?

You have brown eyes, you're a first born child, your shoe size is 8, you own a black Labrador, you love Italian food, you're going to become veterinarian, you'll get married to a teacher at age 29 and have two kids, you'll move to a small town in Michigan. Your oldest child will get accepted into Harvard and drop out to become a stripper and your youngest will be a teacher, just like his father. Also, you're wearing orange right now.

There's no "I" in "denial", amirite?
It's a shame that introversion is often less valued in western society in favour of extraversion, when really, both are admirable qualities and so should be equally valued, amirite?

I hate how people, even parents and teachers, always try to force extroverted qualities on introverts. It's like introversion is some kind of flaw that needs to be corrected.

I can be extroverted at times, but I'm definitely more of an introvert.

People who act like they're special just because they have a best friend of the opposite gender are extremely annoying, amirite?
@"Oh Em Gee! Me and my bff Johnny just went to a movie, but we didn't make out because we're just friends. BOYS AND...

"Yeah, my best friend is a guy. Girls just start drama; I hate girls."
starts pointless drama

There is at least one person on this site you would like to meet, amirite?

I laughed when I read this comment and then looked at your username.

"That's what she said" is getting old, amirite?

I hate it when I'm saying something obviously sexual and someone says, "that's what she said!"

Girls: You wish that your pubic hair grew from the inside of your vagina, so that when you went through puberty it bloomed like a metaphorical flower representing your transition into womanhood, amirite?

And when you shave it to have sex you would be deflowered y smilie

You find it rude and inconsiderate that your grandchildren haven't time-traveled to come and visit you, amirite?

There was a post about this, it said something along the lines of "What if in the future, you got in an accident and died and your grandchild decided to travel back in time and now they're a big part of your life."

The worst thing that can happen when you ask out a girl is NOT that she will say no; she could slap you, kick you in the balls, and charge you for sexual harassment, amirite?
@rowanne Yeah, but can't that be said for anything? "Don't ask the waiter for an extra fork because he might punch you...

You're thinking too small. He could stab you with the fork and then set the restaurant on fire. Then take over the government and enslave everyone.

Life would be so much different if losing the lottery was the cool thing to do, amirite?

"Hey I just won the lottery!"
"Ha! Dork!"

The United States should just switch to the metric system and get it over with, amirite?

But this is 'MURICA. We don't tolerate no fancy foreign metric system.

It sucks when you board a plane and then find out there is no phalange, amirite?
Yes, you feel a little good inside when a guy says "You're hot." But just that moment, you know he's not "real". Because "real" guys would say beautiful, gorgeous, or pretty. amirite?

Of course he's not real. He must be polyester.

/not funny