wearing pj's and/or sweats out of your home is ridiculous, please take some time out of your day to put on clothes that actually make you look like a presentable person instead of someone who has given up on life, amirite?

Pajamas look ridiculous in public, I agree on that. But don't tell an angry chick on her period that she's got to get dressed up to go to the gas station for a tampon run.

You've heard a little kid ask, "who are the beatles?" and have felt sorry for that childs empty life. amirite?

I've never heard a kid ask that.
I wouldn't feel sorry for them if they did.
I don't like the Beatles.

This post n smilie

Murder isn't justice, amirite?

I love that Adolf_Hitler no way-ed this.

It would be funny if people said the actual meaning of swear words. "What the sexual intercourse!?" "Stop giving me that cow poop." "Dude, that girl's gotta nice donkey!" Amirite?

"Dude, you're such a Richard!"
"This movie is the feces!"
"You're being a wimp. C'mon, don't be such a cat!"

I'm gonna have fun with this (:

Whenever you have a problem, just sing... then you'll realize your voice is worse than the problem, amirite?
And with that, Harry Potter has come to an end. Until Disney obtains the rights to his name! Then, we can all look forward to Harry Potter: The Animated Series, starting this fall! It's about Harry Potter and his friends as they deal with everyday school-related problems, and Harry learning that using magic isn't always the answer, amirite?
Boomerangs are Australia's largest exports and imports, amirite?
How come Hermoione never gets hurt in Harry Potter, I mean Harry practically dies to many times, Ron pukes slugs, gets splinched, breaks his leg, and alot others! The worst that happens to Hermione is a spell that made her pass out, amirite?

She also got tortured by Bellatrix in the last book.

And straightening that bushy hair must have been a bitch.

It's stupid that my teacher gave me video question worksheets that we did when I was absent. It's like, I can't DO them, I can't go rent the movies from Blockbuster, all my friends had to turn their worksheets in, amirite?

Your teacher sounds like a dumbass.

The amirite community is filled with people of all different races, genders, opinions, and age all getting along the whole world should be like this, amirite?
@Not true. Most people on here are white.

I'm not white and everyone still loves me. y smilie

Black people seem.. whiny. I mean, there're complaints about Mark Twain's book 'Huckleberry Finn' having "nigger" in it like 250 times. I've never heard of a Mexican complain out "beaner" being in a book, or women being called bitches 800 times in every rap song, or anything of the sort, that has actually resulted in a change in the literature in question, yet Mark Twain's work was changed. Wtf... amirite?

God, you're annoying. I'd rather deal with these whiney black people (who, funny thing is, I've actually never met) than people who make HUGE generalizations like that. Yes, SOME black people are whiney and want the word nigger censored, but MOST aren't. Just like SOME white people are whiney, but MOST aren't.

You just got horny, amirite?

Does it count if I was horny before reading this?

You don't become a man when you turn 18, or get a car, or hit puberty, or lose your virginity. You become a man when you start to respect women. amirite?

I saw something on Cracked that said you become an adult when you stop depending on other people to take care of you and people can start depending on you. I quite liked that, and I think it applies to both men/boys and women/girls.

In a non racist way, you wonder how many black people are on Amirite. amirite?
They should get rid of classes like gym and music and art at school so it will save money and saving money will create more jobs and create more pay raises. Also taxes would decrease and the school day would be shorter. plus no one really likes classes like that, amirite?

Great idea! In fact, let's just cut ALL classes, have students show up for lunch and then have them leave. That would solve everything.