Saying someone elses marriage is against your religion is like getting mad at someone for eating a doughnut because you're on a diet, amirite?
@Favvkes More like "Saying someone else's marriage is against your religion is like saying someone else's eating of a...

I think that's what Fawkes' point was. It may be against your religion, but you're not the one doing it. Just like eating a doughnut may be against your diet, but you're not the one eating it.

You hate it when you're working in your laboratory and your annoying sister won't get out, amirite?
@FlashDelirium .....what does this button do?


You've eaten raw cookie dough before and you haven't died or gotten sick from it, amirite?

I've actually died a couple of times from it.

What if people really do see the things that they claim are ghosts, except they aren't really spirits or poltergeists? What if what they're really seeing is a chunk of time that got temporarily lost? So a girl could've been brushing her teeth in your bathroom 50 years ago but that time got mixed up and you're seeing it happen right now. It's not really happening, but you see it. That would be pretty creepy but insanely awesome, amirite?

And when people see UFOs and things like that, it's just a chunk of time from the future that got stuck in the past.

It's weird that words that are spelled similarly are pronounced differently, for example "naked" and "baked", amirite?

Whenever I read the word 'naked', I use a really creepy voice and this face --> hello smilie

I'm the only one from Guam on this site, amirite?

I'm the only one in my bedroom right now.

...I hope.

You hate it when your platypus dissapears when you're trying to bust your brother and British step-brother for building something crazy in your backyard that your mom never seems to notice, amirite?

Ugh, and Jeremy won't call back!

To the guys who say cramps aren't "that bad"- let me stab you a few hundred times in your stomach and then try walking around like everythings perfectly fine, amirite?
@thatguys I understand if it's for unattractive people, because some people just don't have the most striking...

First of all, beauty is subjective. So maybe YOU don't think a person's attractive, but here's a news flash: There was not one single person in the history of mankind that was put on this planet to impress you.

someone should create a shorter word that means african american because black sounds insensitive and african american takes too long to say, amirite?

How about we call white people white and black people black and leave it at that?

If anyone has a problem with that, click here and read this article. It should really put things in a clearer and more direct way:

In school, when the teacher tells you to stop "clicking" the pen it always seems you end with the ballpoint inside and have to click it one more time. amirite?
@I was punched by my teacher once. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not, he was yelling at me and the people I...

(Your+name+(optional)): One time I got hit with a meter stick by my math teachers because I had the hiccups during a test. It was an accident though, he was trying to scare me but had really bad aim.

Adele is more overrated than Eminem, amirite?

I don't care if I get hate for this, but I completely 100% agree. Although I'm a big Eminem fan, I admit he's more hype than talent. But Adele's hype is just out of control. I don't even like her voice.


When I was a baby, my family was taking a picture at Walmart. I wouldn't stop crying, so they gave me a lemon and I stopped. I heard this story when I found that picture and asked my mom why I was holding a lemon.

So when life gives you lemons, go to Walmart and give them to babies.

I guess I understand why people would feel this way, but it's kind of annoying when you hear someone get all up-in-arms about people getting their baby's ears pierced. It's not like the baby is traumatized and if they grow up and don't like them, they can simply take them out, amirite?

I don't think it's a big deal, but I wouldn't do it to my child. The only reason is that when I went to get my cartilage pierced at Claire's a few months ago, I saw a one year old getting her ears pierced. The mom had to hold her down to keep her from wriggling and two people had to do both ears at the same time because she started bawling after it was done. It just seemed like a hassle. Plus, it can be kind of expensive and a baby wouldn't really appreciate it or be able to take care of it, so that'd be more work for me.

I'm a lazy motherfucker, you see.

Even if you aren't a grammar nazi, it's pretty annoying to see classmates on fb saying things like, "your so pretty," or "its nice hear." I mean like come on, didn't you go to school to learn proper grammar! Oh yeah, that's right, you were to busy complaining about how school was a waste of time. amirite?

I saw someone on facebook write "threw the window" and I nearly lost it.