If you were sent back in time a day before the twin towers fell, you would have no idea what to do to stop it, amirite?

-Shoot everyone in the airport to cancel all flights.
-Steal plane fuel.
-Add banner to the towers that says "NOT world trade center".
-Wipe peanut butter on the plane, so the pilots woul be like "Shit. I can't fly because there's peanut butter on my plane!"
-All of the above

You look at some posts and just think, "thats going to get torn apart by grammar nazi's", amirite?
@Irony anyone?

No thanks, I'm full.

@It's more annoying when they interupt your "me time" Mom: OH MY GOSH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You: I'm trying to get...

And in response, your parents say, "Yes, we mind. It's our time to use the computer, and we wanted to look up some S&M techniques to spice up our sex lives. Also you better stay locked in your room tonight during our keybowl party. The last thing we need is some fourteen-year-old ass-tard barging in asking for dinner and spoiling the mood."

Ladies: It's weird to think that if you were a boy, you'd have a penis just sorta flopping around down there, amirite?
You were born too late to explore new lands. You were born too early to explore space. You were born on time to explore the internet, amirite?

One day I'll tell my grandchildren about a time when the internet was uncensored and users roamed free within its borders like majestic lions across the grasslands. I'll tell them how we had to type things out instead of using the neural links implanted in our brain stems, how we had to scroll down through dozens of menus, both ways, with a stalled connection to find what we wanted, and I'll remind them that children these days are so ungrateful. I'll tell them how we had programs that connect you to another user across the world and let you talk about your different experiences, and when they ask me if I ever saw anyone's dick between the philosophical debates I'll laugh and find a clever way to avoid answering, because the elderly are entitled to their secrets. I'll complain about my carpel tunnel and advanced arthritis in both thumbs, and at thanksgiving I'll remind them to be thankful for mind upload text. I'll keep my dear old friend, my laptop, on a shelf beside the grandfather clock, where it will gather dust because it's been broken for years and the parts are no longer made, and the children will stare at it in wonder and marvel, "The screen really does fold up!"

If you think about it, any movie title could sound sexual, amirite?

how to train your dragon hello smilie

If a guy gets caught naked, he only has one thing to cover, but if it happens to a girl, we have to decide what we want to cover, amirite?
Politicians should have to wear patches like race car drivers, so we know who their corporate sponsors are, amirite?
@amiritesucksnow [P]oliticians should have to w[e]ar patches like race car drivers, so we k[n]ow who the[i]r corporate [s]ponsors...

[P]olitician[s] should have to wear pat[c]hes l[i]ke race car drivers,[ ]so we know who their c[o]rporate spo[n]sors a[r]e, [amirite?]

OP, what the fuck you try'n to say?

The world is not going to end in 2012. Why? Because on 11/11 2011 at 11:11, millions of people are going to wish that the world is not going to end in 2012. amirite?
You'd have more respect for people in the march on Wall Street if they actually knew what the movement was about. amirite?
I bet you had to read this twice, amirite?
@Favvkes You didn't read this comment twice, amirite?

I read it twice on purpose because I'm a serious douche like that.

The most controversial spell in the Wizarding World is "Fetus Deletus," amirite?

So now we shamelessly self-promote comments too? Well, two can play at that game. http://amirite.net/661792/1515618

It looks like your supermarket is dressing up as Christmas for Halloween. amirite?
@fangirl12 My friend said that if she ran for president part of her campaign would be that it is illegal to have Halloween...

I wouldn't due to her lack of education in politics, and the fact that she is most likely young. She has no life experience and should be in no procession to make or decline laws. She probably has not finished high school or college, and is probably not getting a degree in politics.

But more importantly, I can't vote for her because she is a women.

Sometimes you sit in class and listen to the conversations around you and realize you are the smartest person in the room, amirite?

One girl thought rice came from a rock.

I shit thee not.

A rock.