Jesus can walk on water. Humans are 75% water. I can walk on humans. Therefore, I am 75% Jesus, amirite?
Jesus can walk on water. Humans are 75% water. I can walk on humans. Therefore, I am 75% Jesus, amirite?
What if P Diddy was actually called Pete Diddy and we just misheard him and now he just goes with it because it's too late to correct everyone, but every night he goes home and cries and whispers to himself "My name is Pete". Amirite?
You don't live in Montclair NJ, amirite?

THIS GUY is smart. He's got people telling him where they live left and right. Stalker paradise.

If your age is on the clock, you're too young for cock. amirite?

I have a sun dial.

Getting coal is still a better present than getting absolutely nothing, amirite?

In school, I wrote a short story about people who murder eachother because they had an addiction to coal. My first grade teacher was disturbed.

Does McDonald's really have to put "Mc" infront of everything they serve? We get it, it's clever but your kind of abusing it, amirite?

McHaters gonna McHate.

Everyone's favorite dinosaur seems to be a Velociraptor, amirite?

Betty White.

I think it's nice that Voldemort always waits until the end of the school year to try and kill Harry. Despite his flaws, Voldemort really cares about Harry’s education, amirite?
@another harry pothead post of the year? this is so dum.

"This is D-U-M dumb!"
"Kimmy, there's a B"
"Where?! I hate those things!"

Remember, if you smoke after sex, you're doing it too fast, amirite?
@Holy shit, what pun?

The one about soup being stewpid.

A more fun way to play hangman is instead of stopping once they've hung someone, start hanging another person. So at the end, you'll be like, "You killed three people to spell the word 'fluffy.' Are you happy with yourself?" Amirite?
@SuperFastJellyFish I usually just add more pictures to the stick people, like hair and clothes. But this way sounds pretty awesome.

Conversely, you could stop after drawing just the head, body, and arms and say, "I hope you're happy. You just killed an amputee with no legs."

Then you go on and on about how he lost his legs serving in the army for his country. How he was a double agent and without him, we would have lost the war countless times and Hitler would rule the world. Then you start on his family: how his wife had terminal cancer and who would raise the children after she was gone now that their father was gone too? They'd become orphans, and very poor ones at that. They were the only two to attend their mother's funeral. Little 9-year-old Becky and her 6-year-old brother Johnny.

Without a family outside of each other, they end up in the streets. Johnny died in a gutter in Becky's arms as people walked by without a passing glance. He looked up into her eyes and with his last dying breath, he whispered, "Becky... I can see Mommy and Daddy... They're calling to me... Becky... I have to go... I have to go... See you again soon..."
She rested her head on his, tears rolling down her face. She slowly drifted off into sleep, never to wake again.

All because you couldn't figure out the word "riffraff."

Girls: When you were younger, you wanted to get your period so you could feel grown up, but once you got it you realized it sucks and didn't want it, amirite?

I got mine the day mj died....

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Sometimes you just call identical twins their wrong name just to piss them off, amirite?

My friend does that with Asians.

Looking up your first name on Urban Dictionary is a real self-esteem booster. Unless your first name is Chad. amirite?

This one isn't my name, but it made me laugh.

"A Liam is a cross between a goat, a fish, a pig and a douchebag. Apparently A Liam will have some human attributes, but many are yet to be convinced. If you own a Liam, you can be sure that you will spend an excessive amount of money on it, your friends will be less likely to be seen with you (many people take a sudden dislike to Liam.) and all they are really good for is a ride.

Girl: I got myself a Liam today!
Friends: That's disgusting, please leave.
Girl: ): "