About me.

Hello there, I'm littlewonder! I've also been called trevermybro, everthesame13 and MB20forever, but this is my current username.

My real name is Emmy and I am a fifteen year old girl. Don't judge me based on that, I hate my generation too.

So let's just dig up a little bit of me and my personality;

Color: Red/Blue. It varies.
Number: 13
Book: The Time Traveler's Wife
Type of Music: Grudge/Rock
Song(currently): Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd
Clothing: Hoodies
Movie: The Avengers
TV show: Doctor Who :3

Random Facts:

  • I'm really judgemental and I'm honest enough to admit that, but it doesn't affect how I treat a person unless they prove me correct.

  • If you have a different opinion than me, that's cool. I'd love to debate with you.

  • I left amirite, but then I came back. Things are different.

-I miss so many of the old posters. sad whale noises

-I love Doctor Who :3

... I'll add more to this later, I got bored.