About me.

Hey, I'm livelovemusic12.

I'm an age, and I live in a place.
I have amazing friends, I know everyone says that, but I really really do and I love them with all of my heart
Music is the best thing in the world. Writing it, playing it, and listening to it.

I play guitar, bass, piano and drums so hit me up about some music (:

Here's some stuff I like:
Relient K
The Dangerous Summer
Mayday Parade
Go Radio
Search The City
Family Force 5
The Afters
All American Rejects
The Icarus Account
A Day To Remember
Dashboard Confessional
and theres more but...yeah (:

some stuff about me:
-i love soccer
-harmonies are kinda my thing
-there are some movies that i can almost quote every line school of rock
-i love burning mix cds

"When our world falls apart and we have no more faces to wear that’s when it’s beautiful and that’s when we change" - Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) < my first POTD (: < my first post you should check it out

talk to mehhh and thanks if you actually bothered reading this far (: