It's amusing how people who don't speak your language think that if they talk to you at a loud enough volume, you'll understand them, amirite?

English people are so bad at doing this.

Is it just me, or does nearly every person from England on American Tv come from London? There are other places, and that is hardly the accent. amirite?

Either this is or they're supposedly from somewhere else in England but they sound like Londoners anyway.

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you tie them up to just the right tightness one time, and then after that you just mash your feet in, never untying them. amirite?

I like the use of the word "mash".

All subjects should be taught in song format.

It's amazing how a new relationship can completely change your best friend, amirite?

One of my friends literally has no friends anymore because she ditched them all for her boyfriend. Her life is fucked if he ever dumps her (because she'll never dump him).

On the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, why didn't Harry just be all like, "Accio, GOLDEN EGG!". That would have been much easier.... amirite?

Everyone's probably right about it not working but chances are Harry didn't know that, so he could've tried, at least.

The most epic mix of nationalities/races would be a black-Irishman. With a red beard and Irish accent, amirite?

My cousin has an Irish accent, and he's black. No beard though. He's nine.

It sucks when you can only breathe out of one nostril, amirite?

I can barely breathe out of either nostril right now.

The final line of How I Met Your Mother will be "...and that, kids, is how I met your mother.", amirite?
@LewisL No.

Oh I think it's cos it was on the homepage, I forgot it had been made earlier. This must be the one I've read before

The final line of How I Met Your Mother will be "...and that, kids, is how I met your mother.", amirite?

Hasn't this already been posted though?

The true racism in the modern day comes from how we are forced to tread on eggshells around minorities so as not to offend them, lest they cry racism, amirite?

I'm black and one of my friends insists of referring to other black people as "your colour" because she seems to think saying "black" is clearly isn't. This really pisses me off, just say black FFS.

You would like to see a movie that does not make it extremely obvious who's going to end up together, amirite?

That's kind of why I don't watch rom coms much, once you've seen the trailer you know what's gonna happen.

How can you be "over" somebody? If your emotional feelings were so strong for somebody that you really wanted to be in a relationship, how on earth can you just suddenly decide you all the sudden don't have any feelings for that person? amirite?

You can get over people, just not suddenly. It takes time.

Everyone should just buy a pair of 3D glasses and take them with them when they go to the movies since every movie is in 3D. amirite?

at my cinema they still charge you extra even if you take old 3D glasses with you :|

it would be scary to see a white van with a license plate saying hello, or ICU2, amirite?

and also a little bit funny