Its hypocritcal that lgbtq's can have gay pride parades but if we had a straight pride parade we would be a bunch of assholes... amirite?

Wow I was such an ass. I'm gay as fuck and trans.

If Christianity is so high and mighty about being more morally correct than the average agnostic/atheist then how do they justify cursing just as much, if not more, than the average non-believer? I believe that instead of preaching to us non-believers about being wrong they should observer their own youth, amirite?

That's a general statement. We aren't all like that. And that's a flaw in the person not the religion

You make up romantic stories of you and your crush in your head, amirite?

Well then you don't really apply to this

It's really funny when the teacher calls on the dumb blonde girl in class and she has no idea what the answer is, amirite?

I'm blonde but I'm not stupid and that stereotype is ridiculous

You aren't done when you lose. Your are done when you quit, amirite?

Well its like saying its not the end when you lose its the end when you quit

Aliens don't exist, amirite?

Well think about this all living organisms here need oxygen to live so I would figure that other organisms if they existed would need oxygen aswell and most other planets that we know of don't have oxygen so they couldn't survive

What is it with teenage girls and vampires? amirite?

They are sexy, mysterious, and usually the bad boy. everything a teenage girl wants

You love your best friend more than your parents. amirite?

80238 I completely agree its not the same

"because the bible says so" is not a good reason, amirite?

the writers were not unknown the were prophets and a whole lot of other people

It was the parents fault that the kid who jumped off the boat to find spongebob died not the shows fault, amirite?

some like 5 year old

It hurts when your post gets deleted, amirite?
It hurts when your post gets deleted, amirite?

i think i did

when you think of someone named bob, u immediately picture a tall, fat couch potato with grease all over his shirt who is drooling. amirite?

I think of spongebob

People who are fat and are on purpose are disgusting, amirite?
Its weird when you see people that you have never seen before in your school in the middle of the school year, amirite?

hahaha happens to me all the time