About me.


I'm also an 18-year-old science geek who is socially awkward penguin incarnate! I'm a Christian. No, I will not condemn you to hell... or try to convert you... because I have a live and let live mentality and I think it would be a tad hypocritical of me to call you out when I know that I'm also a huge sinner (like everyone else). Now this is where you say, "Wait! Lkun, how can you be a science geek and be a Christian?" My exact views on evolution and such would take too long to explain and I have more important things to do like trying to be funny and telling you about which bands I like...

Even though I'm just starting college, I already have a PHd in bitchiness. If you would like to see my skills all you have to do is post something about:
how a certain novel about wizardry is the most amazing thing to ever happen to the earth. (Seriously, it's a great series... but it's not "1984" for crying out loud)
how you are such a nerd for liking said series (Read some research papers for fun and then I will accept your nerdiness)
how annoying it is when people confuse your/you're (we get it... you want to make everyone else think that you're smart)
something inspirational (ugh... no!)
using Leviticus to point out flaws in Christianity (I usually laugh at "oohhh... Christianity is evil posts," but these... it's like "LEARN SOME BASIC CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS and then we'll talk")
how autotune is evil (well so are your crappy alternative bands who try to be profound) I'm not a Ke$ha fan girl BTW... just read below to see the bands I like!

Well, if I haven't alienated you with my little rant up there... I would just like you to know that I am a big softie at heart and that I usually never intend of what I say to be taken as an insult.

I'm a huge pokemon nerd... and I'm looking for a new anime to watch.
I watch: Bleach, FMA (original and Brotherhood), Soul Eater, YGOTAS, Erementar Gerard (Definitely one of the best mangas out there(for those of you who like cliche shounen)), Death Note, Durarara!!, D. Grey man, Beelzebub (I've only read the manga so far), and OHSHC (feel free to laugh at me for this)

Some of my favorite bands:

Orange Range
T.M Revolution
Brown Eyed Girls
Vocaloid... all of them
An Cafe
Asian Kung-fu Generation
High and Mighty Color
SNSD (I would love to be able to do all the dances)
KAT-TUN (I can bust out "precious one" like a boss)

"Interesting" facts:
My favorite TV show is "Project Runway"
My favorite animal is a tasseled wobbegong
I once cost my 3rd grade class a pizza party because I was the only person to get a B on our algebra test... it haunts me to this day.
I once got drunk in Spain and screamed at a Mcdonald's window for not being open at 2am. (my "exact" words: "You bitchez be gettin' fucked up if I can't go in there and get my Mcflurry") no one was inside...

Words to live by:

"Screw the rules! I have money" -- Seto Kaiba
"I haven't felt this unfabulous since the spice girls broke up" -- Maximillion Pegasus (the most fabulous man in the world)
"I can't help it if I have a heavy flow and a wide set vagina"
"Sex is magnificent"-- My friend's ELDERLY French teacher. O.o

Well... this is the end of my profile and you're probably thinking "I'm really hungry... maybe I'll make myself a Sandwich."