It makes no sense how on the covers of a lot of textbooks there's things like ferris wheels, peacocks, oranges, etc. that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject, amirite?

There's probably a metaphor behind it...I'm a nerd, I know.

You wish your eyes could take photos. amirite?

Jim and Pam's do :)

You've never thought about how a blind woman knows she started her period and when it ends, amirite?

Omg. That would suck.

It's annoying how 7/10 of the top iTunes songs are from Glee, and they don't even make their own music, amirite?

ok seriously its getting annoying having a notification every time one of you posts a reply. talk on each others profile or something

It's awesome when people think that you're several years older than you are... they always seem so shocked when you tell them your real age, amirite?
The Spongebob episodes with Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy aren't as good as the other episodes, amirite?

You're so right. I've thought the same thing for years.

the munchies snack mix bag would be a lot better, if there were no pretzels, amirite?

the pretzels kind of balance out all the cheesy stuff

It's funny to think that Spongebob and Patrick were originally created as gay lovers...then again, you kind of understand it, amirite?
@Where did you hear that from?!

A friend told me and I looked it up on google and it was true.

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “What is this, some kind of joke?”, amirite?

this is funny, but the bartender could also say "you've got to be kidding" haha

You bring up all of the starving people in Africa when you see someone throwing food away, amirite?

I am not an ass. What I meant to say and what I should of said is, you feel bad throwing away good food when you know there are starving people in Africa

The idea of the Easter Bunny just proves how gullible/dumb kids are. Yes, there's a magical bunny who goes to every kid's house in one night and finds the nooks and crannies to hide plastic eggs that he has taken the time to fill with candy. There's also a fat, old man who can somehow fit through your chimney on Christmas, amirite?
The YouTube comments need to be divided into five sections: related to the video, spam, trolls, thumbs up whores, dislike bar, amirite?

And there should be another one for any comments related to justin bieber

Everyone should be treated equally, no matter if you're black, brown, yellow, or normal, amirite?

This is from failblog

You've never heard the story of how your parents met, and if you have, it wasn't as long as the story Ted's making his kids listen to, amirite?

seriously. he's been telling them the same story for like 6 years haha