Most of the Spongebob episodes have dirty names, amirite?

The episode where they're selling chocolate bars, they're trying to come with ideas on how to sell them and Patrick says "let's get naked." and spongebob says "no, let's save that for real estate."

You deeply respect those who can quote the works of Spongebob, amirite?

Somebody call the police, there's a pants theif on the loose

At this rate, Harry and Ginny Potter's fourth kid is going to be named Dobby Hedwig, amirite?
Let's just pretend Mean Girls 2 never happened, amirite?
When you were little, you always wondered how those random shoes got onto telephone lines, and why, amirite?

When I was in junior high we had a guest speaker at an assembly, and he said that people threw the shoes up there to let people know that drugs are sold in the neighborhood. So, since then I've always assumed that's what it means.

It annoys you when you tell an awesome story, but then that one person one-ups your story. All the time. amirite?

I have a friend that does this ALL THE TIME. The story doesn't even have to be awesome. She still tries to one up me.
Me: "That guy was staring at my boobs."
My friend: "He was staring at mine harder."

It's OK to be 15 and to have arms and legs, amirite?
Nearly everyone on amirite was born in the 1990's, amirite?
@Chapstick BIG. MEATY. CLAWS!

Those claws weren't just for attracting mates.

We've all put something terribly insensitive into the pot like "Helen Keller" into "coordinated" during a game of Apples to Apples amirite?

"Rosa Parks" into "Demanding"

A possible cure for AIDS: if only people with AIDS would STOP HAVING SEX, amirite?
To fellow band geeks:The words "one more time" never mean one more time. amirite?

One more time usually means "We're going to do this until i feel like stopping."

When choosing which house you would be in you choose gryffindor, amirite?

Hufflepuff. :)

Every now and then you've wanted the bad guy to win. amirite?

Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Perry the Platypus should let him win at least once.

You can't stand it when people try to disprove the theory "There are no stupid questions" amirite?