not for a long time

Would you rather have a 6-pack abs or a 6-figure income?

I could live with a keg and the six figure income just fine.

Republicans push for halt to Syrian refugees entering US

works for me.

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter (I think). It is snowing where I live at the moment. The question is: It is still fall (autumn) where you live, or there is no such thing as winter, where you live ?

No snow yet but a heavy frost every morning and I'm sure we will get some snow soon

If You Accept The Premise That Obama Does Not Like America, Everything Suddenly Seems To Make Sense!
We can all agree the body is a beautiful thing. So do you prefer to see people with clothes or without clothes?

depends on the person, many are better viewed with clothes on.

Which part of your body gets the most exercise?

I hope he's the main bitch there for the endurance of his stay.

yes but it can be challenging at times

Do you eat something other than turkey on Thanksgiving? We're having a pot roast this year. Last year we had steak.

Lobster has been served past yrs this yr will be turkey though.

Ever put something odd in your coffee, like a banana, for example?

Fluff for a sweetner

never have

Like or Dislike Tuna?

okay once in awhile

I would have been heading for an exit.