If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?

I remember you don't like clowns lol

Do do think that spellcheck sucks, at times?
What if the stock market crashed today?

Total chaos would ensue.

We are indeed temporary occupants on a boisterous planet. Enjoy today.

I must have been a cave man for a few visits and I still haven't evolved much.

Hello All :)

@Cezar We should be upset with those who shut down Sodahead. The site should be sold to someone who will bring it back.

They left a lot of people hanging , lost many friends, something should be done with it for sure.

What if Dunkin Donuts changed it's name to Dunkin and didn't make donuts anymore and instead made muffins?

I don't eat them, just looking at them makes my jeans feel tight around the waist. I think they would lose business to Krispy Kreme.

about anywhere you can name & mention funeral probably worst place

How many keys do you have on your key ring?
Are you a materialistic type of person?
@Lil_Princess Yea them pesky bill collectors are always wanting & wanting.

Someones always got a hand out lol the GOV are the worst ones.

Are there any government departments that don't waste tax payers money?

Not a damn one

Are you a materialistic type of person?

I love money just in the sense of if I got a bill in the mail it's nice to have the money to pay it, as far as having money to buy toys, flashy stuff I have no interest.

good chance of it.

One of my favourite pheople on here is Will_Janitor.

good people