Me too that was it for the blind date crap did it twice both times bad experiences.

Amirite You have become or are becoming ADDICTED to Amirite

About time you showed up here haha!!!!

It's been awhile since you have been shagged Amirite?

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Anything is possible these days lol, I have laughed so hard I have cried a couple times, but like our Gypsy friend said a laughing one would be better than a foot one

that's was what she was suspected of but was never proven , her neighbors happened to be old friends of my parents, they asked if I had a girlfriend in general conversation when my parents said her name they about flipped out and told them to tell me to get far far away from her she had problems her whole life besides that, they were salt of the earth people I took em very seriously and ran like hell lol


I haven't laughed this hard all week , about ready to have a laughing orgasm I thinkomg smilieomg smilietongue smilie


That's why it's not working LOL!!!!!!

That's what I was told back in the 80s their wasn't enough evidence to prove it , she was a nut job and a half, long story , I had to leave my rent change my ph# she lived on the other end of my state she would drive to my town looking for me on the weekends and sent me mail for 2 + months before she finally figured out it wasn't happening , she didn't take rejection well .


plenty of noises lol


maybe rubbing them the wrong way lolwink smilie


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guy before me ended up in a body bag.

Yep was scary shit and ended up getting stalked after I sent her packing

easy on the eyes