"G-Shock" sounds like a sex toy, not a watch. amirite?

G-Shock for the G- Spot!

As he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas StarzAbove

Good one Will! wishing youa Merry Christmas & a Happy New year.


First time in a long time, I miss raising hell with you all Serenity.

Let's everyone wish our good friend Tiffanee a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday sweet friend, hope you have a great day!

Happy belated, I hope you had a good one


Modest as usual he is lol

depends on who's sitting on it or looking at it, it's never been called a small deck but i'm sure it's far from being the biggest deck.


Merry Christmas My Gypsy Friend :)


Merry Christmas Bozette


Merry Christmas StarzAbove

I don't know about life being like a cartoon but I can think of a few people I would enjoy knocking their blocks off .

Something naughty & nice :)

Have you ever mistaken trash bags as Muslim girls?

Not yet, who's to say they are even girls could be a dude no one would know the difference