School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

Wow Einstein, so profound and unique

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?
@catsuperberg Sameeee

I sure hope your username doesn't relate to your job

Since 90% of people have an 'innie', belly buttons are more like belly anus', amirite?

Wouldn't that make an outie a prolapsed belly anus?

If you ever feel stupid always take a moment to remember that some people think birds aren't real. amirite?

Know* FTFY ^^^^^/s

We categorize our food by how it looks, not how it tastes or how it smells, amirite?
@Robisrael I don't mean to alarm you but a hamburger is a type of sandwich

Lol, I don't think that's defined so it may be free to interpretation

We categorize our food by how it looks, not how it tastes or how it smells, amirite?
@paintingsbyO You meam to tell me you never heard of people calling chocolate bitter, or cheese savory, or candy as sweets, or...

I didn't think of that. But what I ment to say is that if some sandwich tastes like a hamburger you wouldn't call it a hamburger, because it looks like a sandwich.

people who give money to Twitch and SnapChat girls and pay for porn; can feel a lot better about themselves if they donate that money to charity and give it to poor people. amirite?

Or they can look at it as supporting small business, spending money in the "local" community and/or supporting entrepreneurship.

If killing animals for taste is right then why killing them for fun is wrong. amirite?
@Jordantom16 No people are eating them for taste, they can survive by eating plant products. And instantly killing them is not...

No that's not entirely true, plants lack protein, something that a lot of people need to survive with, meat is part of most people's diets. Anyways, if I'm wrong please correct me

When all cars go electric, the saying "step on the gas" will no longer apply, amirite?

Extracting the materials and putting them together puts not much less carbon in the atmosphere than a gasoline car does in its whole life so I'd put a big if on that, not that there couldn't be another better solution than either options.

It's ironic that we use radiation to cure cancer that causes cancer itself, amirite?
An angle is technically one half of a triangle, amirite?

A third, to be obtuse.

The life of a photon is pretty sad. Millions of years bouncing around the sun, minutes of freedom before smashing against planets and stuff, amirite?

Chances are that they would have millions or billions more since the chances of them hitting an object in their own solar system is fairly slim.

No matter how bad of a person you are, you'll always see yourself as the good guy. Your conscience will always have some sort of justification that'll prevent you from perceiving yourself as bad. amirite?

Not true since I'm full of self loathing

Looking at the naked body with a naked eye reveals the naked truth. amirite?

Thay we are all naked

We probably use the first word ever spoken by a human multiple times a day without ever realising it is the oldest one. amirite?