The song "Natu Natu" that won the Oscar this year is just average and won because of powerful lobby in the US. What do you people think, amirite?

No disrespect but it's actually trash

I don't understand why some people assume somebody is ‘suffering' just because they don't have any siblings. Also, you don't have to pity me. amirite?

That's weird. I'm an only child (also I kind of have 5 siblings) and nobody has ever been concerned about it.

Meatball is the most lazy named food. amirite?
Star wars movies are just not worth the hype. amirite?


Here's $10. Go see a Star Wars.

Being proud to be an American feels weird, amirite?

The GOP stole the country from everyone else. They literally think liberals are un-american. Now even the american flag looks gross to me. They stole it from us by making it theirs alone.

Closed captioning provides a better experience and should be used by default in movie theaters, amirite?

I agree. The only thing that kind of annoys me is that, normally, captions won't say exactly what they're saying in the movie, and I kind of hate to listen to something and read it differently in the captions. I can't help to read it even if I can hear it clearly.

But, you're totally right, they should put those by default.

"Who invites pays" is a hypocritical reason to get out of paying for your meal, amirite?

I agree as a woman. Only reason I prefer men paying for my meal is because I enjoy being treated like a woman. I also enjoy treating my partner as a man. There is absolutely nothing wrong with splitting and wanting completely equal relationship. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to follow traditional roles. Everyone has just different preferences.

Travelling is something you should do solo, not with your partner or family. amirite?
@Crazymotherfuker Why couldn't one continue to go on solo trips after having kids?

A kid needs his father.
And if father is going to plod off to plovdiv and not take his kid, kid is going to think "Father doesn't want to spend time with me"
I also don't know your situation financially but kids ain't cheap. Work takes up time and that week of vacation at the end of the year would be better spent with the family.

Being a vegetarian is not about how much vegetables you eat. It's about how much meat. amirite?

What about fruitarians?

Are you truly a vegetarian if you don't eat vegetables and only pasta?

"Who invites pays" is a hypocritical reason to get out of paying for your meal, amirite?
Online shopping should be restricted to save brick and mortar institutions. amirite?
@Some-Noname-idk Yeah so there's no solution under the current market

I know enough small businesses that still survive even with the online shopping. As a business you need to adjust and if you don't or simply won't, you won't survive. That's business. A ban won't help and maybe would even endanger those small businesses more.

Refried beans are one of the most disgusting foods ever. amirite?

So kind of agree... when done properly refried beans can be good... but its very hit or miss. I only eat it with very few things... mainly nachos... but in general theres better foods out there i agree.

Movies are better with commercials, amirite?

Just pause the movie if u need to do any of those things?

There should not be more than 100 people at a music festival. amirite?

<100 people is a concert, not a festival.

hell <100 people is just a "show". a concert is usually in the 400-10,000 range.

Not knowing one little fact or a term/word definition is a bad way to measure intelligence, amirite?

Well, I'm pretty sure most IQ tests measure problem solving and critical thinking abilities rather than random trivia anyway, so there you go.