The worst feeling in the world would be finding out that your friend just commited suicide, then coming home and seeing 5 missed calls from them, amirite?

I really hope you just have a vivid imagination and this didn't happen to you.

Girls: when you get bored in the shower, you read the back of the shampoo bottles. Guys: you never get bored in the shower ;) amirite?
Why does England have a queen? millions of taxpayer's dollars are going to keep her castle all nice when all she did to deserve it was being born into the right family. it's all just for the sake of tradition, amirite?
"Singin' in the Rain" and "Umbrella" would make a good mix, amirite?

Didn't they do that on Bones or somethings?

Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?

My school baned bandanas because they thought it was a gang symbol. We only wore our school colors I guess my school is a gang. O.o

Apparently intelligent and sexy people are always drawn towards green writing, amirite?
@I must be stupid...I don't get it...

the YYA is in green so if you click it you are intelligent and sexy.

You have a talent for predicting what the comments on teenage girls pictures of themselves will be, amirite?

OMG I love your eyes! And your hair is ahhhmazing in this pic! Jelous lol

Girls: Dangerously Straight, None of Your Frizzness, Drama Clean, Long Term Relationship, Tousle Me Softly, Body Envy, Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted, know what I'm talking about, amirite?

I use Long Term Relationship for shampoo, and Dangerously Straight for conditioner. I like to mix things up.

We can vote to decide who runs our country and we can enlist to defend it with weapons of mass destruction, yet we aren't old enough to have a drink. There is something wrong here... amirite?

So you're old enough to get shot, but not old enough to take a shot.

it's stupid how kids get in trouble in school for defending themselves when someone tries to beat them up. What are they supposed to do, let the other person beat them up while they do nothing about it? amirite?

This girl at my school slapped a guy really hard against the face because he dumped her friend. The guy shoved her away and got one week of OSS, while she got nothing.

If your house were to get possessed by a spirt or whatever like in Paranormal Activity, you would have some fun with it. Like if it were to start pounding and making noises, you would make louder noises and compete with it. amirite?

I'd just move into a tent. There's no basement to drag me into, or any doors to slam.

There's certain things that should never be bought at yard sales, amirite?
Breaking up with someone over the phone is never okay, amirite?

It's better than texting.

They're quiet because they're always thinking about sex.

How to be: Canadian. Say "eh" at the end of every sentence. Jamacian. Say "mon" at the end of every sentence. American. Say "with fries" at the end of every sentence, amirite?

American: Yes, I'd like that supper-sized.