About me.

Well, hello there person who is looking at this. Yes, I am talking directly at you because i know for sure I am not going to be the one reading this... So anyways, hi my name is Luke, I live in Illinois. Yes, I am going to keep this somewhat cautious because who knows you could even be a pedophile. Anyways, I really like to read, Stephen King is favorite author, and I play piano and sing in choir. I am a really good student, and my favorite subject is science. I want to be a patent attorney or a forensic physcologist when I am older. I have have something to say about just about anything, read my posts and you will figure it out fast. So yeah thats me, but if you want me to know you I suggest you drop a message on the profile and lets start a convo!

If you want to know some randomness about me, here you go:
1) Favorite color is green
2) I am obsessed with Spongebob
3) I am in choir
4) My favorite animal is a okapi (look it up, it is the cutest animal ever)
6) Stephen King is a my horror idol
7) I rock at Mario Kart Wii
8) I am a nerd, but I am proud
9) My friends and family are my life
10) I am going to move to England when I am older (just wait and see)
11) I am not afraid to fight for what I believe in! I will fight the mods if I have to, they can delete all of my posts or whatever else, but I will still try and prove my point.
12) I am really friendly and usually pretty funny. I don't hate people until I have a legitimate reason to do so.
13) I have recently discovered my photoshopping talent.
14) I try to be artistic by taking photos off of my iPhone. I have an Instagram account, lschulzy, hit me up because right now I have NO followers.
15) My parents just recently got divorced after 31 years of marriage. Yeah, it sucks but life goes on...
16) I am pretty open to other people's ideas and thoughts.
17) I pretty much live outside in the summertime, and I like to be outside in the winter. My favorite season is winter, because I like the feeling of warmth inside the house and I like just playing outside in the cold.
18) I have three different blogs. Apparently all of them suck because on each I have like a total of 9 followers. I was hoping I could have a really popular blog, so then it could make up for the fact that I am a loser in real life. That hasn't happened yet...
19) I call myself a Catholic, I was made a Catholic by my parents, but I still find it hard to believe. I believe in what is in front of me, not something that is only in my mind.
20) Are you really still reading all of this?
21) I find beauty in the simple things in life. Photography is what really gets me. I love how it can capture some of the most beautiful things in life forever.
22) I am really adaptable to new situations. When I was a freshmen, I had to make all new friends because I went to a school 45 minutes away from my previous one. Then after freshmen year, I moved down to Illinois and now I am basically having a repeat freshmen year.
23) I am a total cat person. I don't like dogs as much because they just aren't as intelligent and aren't as cuddly as a cat is.
24) I am a clean freak. My room is pretty much always spotless and I can't stand it when the house is dirty.
25) I love life. I try to live as much as I can each day. I have regrets but I don't let them hold me down. I use the past as a rear view mirror: It's good too look back every once and a while, but stare too long and you will miss what is right in front of you.
26) I think that there two things that hold people down from reaching their full potential. Number one is society because people are told to be and aren't allowed to express themselves. Number two is their own self because sometimes we deny what is inside of us and repress it because we are not proud of it or do not like it.
27) I have recently rediscovered my love of the performing art, by playing the Captain in Anything Goes. Yeah, that was the first time I ever tap danced. It was interesting.

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