@White people sure do conplain about a lot seeming that once upon a time they thought themselves to be superior to...

Yeah we may have in the past, but that doesn't mean we all still do. White people don't always want to get their way, it's just that we have to work harder to get scholarships off of intelligence or athletic ability, and not just because the color of our skin.

Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?

Who ever posted this obviously doesn't know the real secret! One of the secrets of the REAL secret is never to let anyone else know that there is a secret in the first place! OH CRAP.....I HAVE SAID TO MUCH!

Nerds don't die, we just respawn, amirite?

Respawning = the nerds way of reincarnation

Q: How many pro-lifers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Nine - four to block the entrance to the room, four to hold up pictures of burnt-out bulbs, and one to try and convince the person with the new bulb to let the room stay dark. amirite?
Dear Stephen King, Please have your books published in soft cover. It would make it a lot less painful when we accidentally drop your giant ass books on our faces while reading on our backs. Thanks for the bruised eye, your readers. Amirite?

lol i remember dropping IT when i was reading it....that is a beast of a book...

Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?

A member of the Council of Phallic Elders! I am sorry my Lord! If the secret should be revealed then the Council would be the one to do it! Please excuse my grave error. NIEY MECD SAWRT!

174 out of 203 posts featured on the homepage. Yep, someone's a moderator, amirite?
@Sarah They have names, but I don't just approve posts because a certain user makes them. :|

but it does prove that moderators seeing other moderators posts might lead to the high homepage of some. I am NOT saying that is always what happens but there is a possibility that this may sometimes happen. I honestly i am not trying to fight with you, i am only stating what appears to be true to a lot of other people. it might be best to say that mods dont help others or make a suggestion to anthony that you should see the posts anonymously to try to make the process a little more fair.

You probably just reallized that the refrain of "Take it Off" by Ke$ha, is the same song that is associated with Egypt, just listen to it, amirite?

wow, it is. I never would have known that without you! I need to find a way to thank you but how.....

Okay, two truths and a lie: i have hazel eyes. i breathe a lot. i'm a superhero who fights evil dragons by night.......okay, you got me! i really have brown eyes! amirite?

lol i was playing this with a group of friends and one kid got up there and said "I have AIDs" and said nothing else. it was so awkward...

The thing about hippies is that they were able to point out the issues of the world to society and stand up in what they believe in, unlike previous generations. The hippies may not have been active upon what they said but at least they were able to see what was wrong and point it out for everyone to see.

If the grass is greener on the other side, why don't we just flip it over, amirite?
@i never got that saying, what other side are they talking about? I've been across the world, and the grass isn't...

lol it is talking about people being happy with what you got....because when you are jealous of other people's belongings, looks, etc. their grass is always going to be greener than yours because you are comparing yourself to them and you wont be happy

Since everyone complains about spelling and grammar so much, amirite needs an automatic spelling/grammar correcter, amirite?

i was thinking the same thing

You were disappointed with the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, amirite?
@how did u want it to end?

i kind of wanted it to end in Harry dying and one of his friends, like Neville, steps in his shoes and killed Voldemort. i think it would have made for a better and more touching end to Harry Potter rather than have him living happily ever after.

Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to petition , and freedom to assemble, all of us are guaranteed these by the First Amendment, but how many of us use them, amirite?
@freedom of expression? im not too sure that was in the bill of rights.

ok sorry i meant freedom of speech....but i just kid of mashed it into that....

You were disappointed with the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, amirite?
@HJP You didn't like my happy ending?

no sorry...i kind of wished you would die but i can't always get what i want :P