It's annoying when people make two statements in a post and you only agree with one of them so you don't know how to vote. Also murder should be legal, amirite?

I agree, it should be legal...

Girls: It feels really good to scratch your balls, amirite?

Well, guys like scratching their vaginas too.

There should be a little meme sign for hatred. Like the opposite of <3, amirite?


Shows on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel constantly recycle the plotlines of other shows; for example, there is always an episode where the main character is dating a significant other, but wants to break up with them. For whatever reason, they can't, so they make themselves unappealing so the SO will break up with them. Something goes wrong, and in the end, a mutual seperation occurs. amirite?

So many episodes are about simple lies that escalate into a massive catastrophe, making you think that you would have just told the truth in the first place to make things easier.

You know you're a 90's kid when... you don't shut the hell up about it, amirite?
@Statefarm AND IF YOU KNOW WHAT A FURBY IS, LOL. Those 90s kid things are so stupid anyways. I was born in '97 and I can...

Exactly! I'm from 1993 but I still watch modern cartoons (e.g. Regular Show, Adventure Time) :3

You are scared of the possibility that your children will be ugly, amirite?
A seven year old just informed me that Hitler was black...our schools need more history, amirite?
Who is your all time favorite fictional villain?

'Dark Vadar'? Seriously?

If you could somehow meet someone with the EXACT same personality as you, you're not sure that you would like them... amirite?

The exact same personality as me? Poor bastard.

Lesson for this week: If you are going to escape in a boat, make sure it is in the water.

He was in Watertown...
Close enough

In the 7th Harry Potter movie, the Ministry of Magic reminded you of the Nazi Party, amirite?

And the Dark Mark is the Swastika.

The phrase "I feel like a million dollars" doesn't really work as well in England. "I FEEL LIKE A MILLION POUNDS!!!", amirite?

I feel like 629,800 pounds!

There's no such thing as black people and white people names, amirite?
You know you're a 90's kid when... you don't shut the hell up about it, amirite?
When movie directors/producers pick new people for the main parts in sequals, it ruins the movie, amirite?
@Harry Potter 3-8 (Because of Dumbledore)

That's not really fair, seeing as the actor died.