We are majorly made of carbon, so we are technically made of diamonds too, as they are nothing but compressed carbon. amirite?

Shine on you crazy diamond!

I guess if I spelled words like "tihnkers", "stuped", and "cockruches", I'd want to remain anonymous too. amirite?
Egg salat is still chicken salat, but just in an earlier state, amirite?
It's so easy to see the anonymous political posts come from banned lefties, amirite?

Oh c'mon man, she was set up! Can you imagine a drug dealer saying that after he was caught in a sting? "No fair! It was a set up!That doesn't count!!" What a ridiculous thing to say. hehe smilie

It's so easy to see the anonymous political posts come from banned lefties, amirite?

"You can always tell what a Liberal has been up to by what he accuses his opponent of."
Bryan VanBuskirk

It's so easy to see the annoying political posts come from banned repugs like Rogue Loner aka Simmering Frog and all his other active socks. amirite?

Don't you just love us, Libtard?

If you look, you could probably name all of Rogue's active personalities here. amirite?

chew smilie .....Ya think?

Human freaks, wankers, and the riff raff are more likely to be attracted to the Democrat Party than to the Republican Party, amirite?

But her butterfly dress is pretty.....just sayin'...

Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. Amirite?

Two thumbs WAY up for....oh, wait, no...not there...nevermind...

Princess - why do so many dislike you? amirite?

No Princess problems here. There is one Anonymous guy who's kind of a dick though...

Judging by all the anti Biden material posted,.......a few loons know he is about to become our next president. amirite?
If you got rid of all Rogue's accounts, you would be eliminating half of Amirite. amirite?

Wrong! At least 3/4.

Chances are fairly solid one of your ancestors was conceived at a drive-in movie theater, amirite?

Better odds at an insane asylum.

If Michelle Obama had a past like Melania's,.....the repugs would have never cut her a break. amirite?

Michelle's real name is Michael, and she had a dick....just sayin'...

Me thinks the trolls are fed a little too well here. amirite?

Mmm, still hungry.