Rozz Williams, Dave Lepard, Kurt Cobain, Lemmy Kilmister, Traci Michaelz ...

What song are you listening to?
What was your last dream about?

At night, I and my sister were waiting on someone (I don't know whom) by the road near our house when the car arrived and the lights blinded me. A some man caught me and he dragged me into the car and my sister ran away. That man took me to a some shed and then I woke up.

Vampires or werewolves?
Post some love songs! Love not hate today...Okay?
People who don't talk much are boring and don't make friends as easily.

I know that well enough. Is really hard to make friends, actually, I have almost no friends for that. But I do not think such people are directly boring, they only need someone with whom they will really understand.

Please name an addiction. Cell phones - for one...
Birthday game; What did you do?

I gave my number to myself because I was drunk.

My head hurts and a little ears because I have a cold.

Which colour relates to the way you feel right now?
Post a favourite song that mentions a real person
Post a Song About Food or Drink