Everything is better with ______! Fill in the blank!

Usually about 30 minutes, but at the weekend is it 1 or 2 hours and sometimes longer.

Which colour relates to the way you feel right now?

Rozz Williams, Dave Lepard, Kurt Cobain, Lemmy Kilmister, Traci Michaelz ...

What is difficult for you now, that was easy as a child?
What's the longest line/queue you have stood in?

I think it was a queue for a concert of band H.I.M.

Post a song with 'no' in the title

My hair isn't too long, so it's enough once a week

Which part of a face do you love best?

Lips and sometimes eyes

What would be a good title for a movie about your teenage years?

The story of shy Deathrocker

Post a favourite song in a language other than English

This is the Slovak band The Now together with Igor Belaj (the vocalist of the also Slovak band The Paranoid) YouTube video thumbnail

If a flower could aesthetically represent you, what kind would it be?

I think I have some phobia related to talking and performing in public. It's very hard for me. Otherwise, I sometimes have claustrophobia and dizziness.

I usually go to bed at 20:00, but I fall sleep around 22:00, sometimes longer. When I go to work experience I have to get up at 4:00 and when I go to school so at 5:30 to catch the bus. On weekends, I usually get up around 8:00 to 12:00.

People who don't talk much are boring and don't make friends as easily.

I know that well enough. Is really hard to make friends, actually, I have almost no friends for that. But I do not think such people are directly boring, they only need someone with whom they will really understand.