About me.

I'm baaasically Canadian (I wasn't born there but I love it so much, and have dual citizenship with Canada so whatever) I'm very anti-religion, don't even get me started. Actually do get me started, I like those debates. I LOVE Harry Potter, and AVPM and AVPS and just anything by starkidpotter, they're amazing. My favorite band is Panic! at the Disco, but I also love Vampire Weekend and the All American Rejects. I have the same birthday as Lily Allen, who is amazing, I love her music too. My favorite character EVER is Luna Lovegood, which you've probably guessed from my username, but hey, she's amazing. My second favorite character is Iggy from the Maximum Ride series (if you haven't read them, you should, they're really good). If he was real... Well let's just say he's me big fictional crush. But in real life, I love Tom Felton (the actor that plays Draco Malfoy... don't judge), Joe Walker, Brian Rosenthal, Darren Criss, (all from AVPM, again, it's amazing), and Bo Burnham (HILARIOUS, look him up). Those are my top five, haha. I'm incredibly sarcastic, and I will argue with you. But it's ok, I'm nice about it. Unless you insult me, then I'll cyber-kick your ass. Except not really.