About me.

I hate all of my past bios. Let's sum things up, since they're always too lengthy.
<>I have this problem where I love One Direction. A lot.
<> BUT I love Ed Sheeran more than I love anything in the entire world. Including my closest friends. Maybe not my family.
<>I'm a competitive swimmer.
<>I play the piano and have been for 7 years.
<>I really love music, but I can not stand rap music or country music.
<>My name is Josie, and I live in the US. Probably should have started with that.
<>I will spill my heart out to people I don't know on the internet.
<>I'm a vegetarian
<> I hate my posts and wish I had never posted any
<> I love Nacklefoodle<3
<> I actually hate macaroni salads.
<> I'm home schooled. I'm also sort of dumb. Oops.
<> I don't have cable, and the only shows I put effort into being able to watch are Doctor Who, Sherlock, and The Walking Dead.

I don't like America. I can't wait until I graduate from college. Then I'll start working on moving to Europe. It's a dream.

I love getting messages, feel free to say hi!

Before I go, if you also "love One Direction" it will be really hard to get me to like you. You'll have to prove your worth.