You either currently do, or have at some point in your life owned an Apple device. amirite?

I have thee 2010 15" MacBook Pro, 4th iPod touch 64GB, iPhone 4 32GB, iPad 2 32GB, at the moment. I also once owned in the past the 5th generation iPod Nano, the 3rd generation iPod nano (square shaped one),iPod touch 2g 8GB, iPod mini. What can I say? I love Apple.

Omg, I found this funny thing on a website. I'm going to go post it on another website so people think I'm witty... amirite?
The MacBook Pro 17" is the perfect size laptop.

I actually have the 15" as well, which I had for three years now (it's a mid 2010 model). I only recently got this 17" a little more than a week ago. It's an early 2011 model. For what I do I need big screens like the 15" and 17", like video stuff, although, I just do video on the 17" now. I really enjoy using my 17".

Everyone's making apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow.
Just because you don't like something e.g. a particular artist. It doesn't mean that everyone who does like it is wrong. It just means that you have different tastes and that's what makes everyone different. Amirite?

Those 7% of people are full of shit. Amirite?

You find that whenever your busy, your phone or Ipod is on full battery, with a lot of activity, and when you are bored, with nothing to do, it has no battery, and nothing is happening, Amirite?
It's kind of dumb how Google made everyone connect their gmail to their youtube. That really screws those of us who had a pre existing youtube account over. Since every time you check your gmail, it logs you out of youtube and logs you back in using the gmail account. That's why I wanted to keep them separate, but google forced us to connect them. amirite?

Because Google sucks. (-_-)

It seems like misunderstandings increase online because it's harder to "read" the person's tone on "teh interwebz." Plus, facial expressions are limited to smilies unless you post a picture, amirite?

But I can tell if someone is being sarcastic. Explain that.

It's all well and good to tell someone that when life hands them lemons to make lemonade. It's all your fault if they squirt themselves in the eye now.

I love lemon. Straight lemon flavour.

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC the most useful short-cut you'll ever find.

Comand + Q

Being different is good.

As a ginger, I agree. :)

American society is sick, and twisted. People should not be plagued by the media telling them what the should be or look like. They should be able to be themselves and not care what others think, but most of them can't because they don't know how to break free of society's grasp.

No agree or disagree button. My only option is to agree with everything you said.

I feel left out. :( What do you think?

No. there is a picture there of a screenshot. I just asked a random question on omegle asking what they are using. Both said iPhone 4. I'm using my macbook pro 17. They both cheered each other for using iPhones.
I just felt left out a little. :3

I feel left out. :( What do you think?

Yes I was the spy. :)

I feel left out. :( What do you think?

Just like the person thumbing down our comments. :)