About me.

ok hi...because of popular demand, here i am, writing an about me. well what can i say? my name is maya and in case you didn't get the reference, madeyebeauty is supposed to sound like mad-eye moody! it also works for the fact that i have this weird eye twitch! anyway, moving on, I'm a senior in high school (woot woot 2011) and i cannot wait to graduate and to (hopefully) make a speech! i care about school and even though i can be lazy as heck, i think education is one of the most important things you can have. my dream school is Oxford University! did i apply? OF COURSE! do i plan on getting in? HA, um, psyche. what do i like to do? hmm i used to play soccer and i absolutely love to read and play video games. the sad part about the latter is that the only system i own is an n64...oh well.. i can borrow other games and play :D moving on to music. typical answer i suppose..i like almost anything..excluding that metal rock stuff and anything else I'm not currently thinking of right now. so, that was a really bad answer to the music question. little known fact about me? i can sing. i don't tell many people that..but this year im making my DEBUT. SO WATCH OUT WORLD! lol jk im a pansy and i can barely sing in front of my best friend, much less the world. so I'm avoiding working on homework and college apps..but i think it's time to get back to pretending to do them. so if i left anything out just let me know and I'll add it on. k thanks. homepage my posts! :p