Everyone's really happy and supportive for a person who decides to quit smoking or stop doing drugs, but shouldn't we be mad that they even started in the first place? amirite?

Same person? Or just a "coincidence"? http://amirite.net/738017

You always take your headphones out periodically just to make sure the people around you can't hear what you're listening to, amirite?
@name If you need to do that, there is a good chance your music is too loud

Or the room that you're in is so quiet that your music seems louder than it is.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Fans of something and people who think they are geniuses for hating it, amirite?

Those Hipsters

Even if she had a good reason for it, Jessie was still kind of a bitch in Toy Story 2, amirite?

It's just how I perceived her at the beginning of the movie. She was very drama-queenish and bitchy with her tone of voice and actions. (I have seen the movies, so I know WHY she was that way. It's just how I saw her)

You hope there's life on Mars, but not any cats, in case Curiosity kills them, amirite?
"Nice guys" finish last because they're too busy on the ground weeping over seemingly lost love. amirite?

Reminds me of Jenna Marble's video over "Nice Guys" :P

Your friend develops an obsession with someone/thing, and you just sit there and wonder what the hell she's talking about, amirite?

so no Vinny now? XD

If Beethoven heard Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber's music he would probably be shocked, not because the music was bad, but because Beethoven's deaf. amirite?