About me.

I'm Madisyn. Mads. Maddy. Whatever you want to call me.

You're obviously here cause you want to know who I am! SO...read away!

I do cross country running and softball. I like volleyball and soccer but I don't play. My mom's a really good runner. so thats where i get it from.

I'm from this lil' place called Michigannnn. Yeah, we're the mitten. Be jealous.

This is like the cutest smiley ever c: isn't it?!?!!1ilr&qi!esfla@afsg?

OMG.I HAVE THE CUTEST DOG EVER. Her name's Cheyanne. She's a lil' yellow lab puppy. Plus I have a full grown boxer named Dakota.

My parent's are divorced. Therefore I have two houses. And two different lives.

My favorite foooood is everything. I eat. AND EAT AND EAT AND EAT. I'll eat you. When my metabolism slows down and I become a cripple, I'll turn into a rolly polly. I swear.

I talk a lot...My teachers cannot get me to shut up in class and I usually get in trouble or on peoples nerves, or both. but who cares.

I have long brown hairrrr. I wear it natural(curly) mostly every day. It gets annoying and I want to chop it all off sometimes, but I'd look like a freak with short hair. ONCE I HAD BANGS. EW. never again...

If I'm in a bad mood, avoid me at all costs. I get super moody. If you decide to talk to me, than I'll probably bite yo' head off. This was your warning.

I wish I could dance. I'm so awkward on the dance floor.

I love Jesus. Christian girl right here.

OH YEAH. I'm pregnant, btw. I'm naming my baby Stacey, so I can have it goin' awwnnn.
Not that I don't already. 'cause i so do. c:

My favorite subject in school is history. but im pretty bad at it.

I was hatched in November. The second, to be exact. I'm turning 15. I CANT WAIT TO TURN 16 NEXT YEAR SO I CAN DRIVE! WEEEEEE!

I like dead baby jokes. They're so sketch.

I got the POTD one time.. yeah.. suck it.

I don't know what else to write. ask me things.

oh, and one last thing.
... did you really just read that whole thing? bravo. i applaud you.


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"I used to be pro-life. But than I met you. Now i'm pro-choice."