Being alone in the room you tried to kill yourself in feels really creepy. amirite?

well..i haven't ever tried to kill myself....

Even though you don't like black people in general, you have a lot of black rappers on your Zune, amirite?

who owns a Zune?

Guys: you love it when you put a load in the dishwasher and she swallows, amirite?
@xopeacexgabbyxo ..but why?

because the clothing washer was busy.

it really stinks when you forget to put on deodorant. amirite?

stinky, stinky, stinky.

Even though you don't like black people in general, you have a lot of black rappers on your Zune, amirite?
@grettag I do.

that's very unfortunate.

Girls: If the person you're with doesn't like fish, you shouldn't expect to eat out much, amirite?
You pronounce almonds like almonds, not almonds, amirite?
@ashnicoleluvsblg Ok I'm slow. Is there a joke I'm missing?

mhm. you can't tell how they said it because its typed.. its just a joke. you'll realize soon enough.

It'd be cool if there was a sentence that contained all of the letters in the alphabet only once, amirite?

smart. thats a great convorsation starter!

Roses are red, nuts are brown. Skirts go up, pants come down. Body to body, skin to skin, when it's stiff, stick it in. It goes in dry, comes out wet. The longer it's in, the stronger it gets. You pull it out and it starts to sag... Oops! It's not what you think, it's a Lipton Tea Bag! amirite?
Love is like playing a piano ; first you must learn to play by the rules ; then you must forget the rules and play from your heart ♥, amirite?

i voted down because ; i don't like how you wrote this ; ♥

It's fine when someone is prettier than you when you both have makeup up. But when you both take it off, you feel truly bad for them when you're far prettier. amirite?


This can be the only explanation: Worm 1: "Feel that? It's raining." Worm 2: "Wanna go on the sidewalk and die?" Worm 1: "God yeah", amirite?
@donpatch They also don't talk...

all of the worms i talk to talk back to me..

A question mark is just an exclamation mark that was punched in the stomach for asking a question. amirite?
the world was a better place before we humans came and polluted it, amirite?

and you know this.... how?

Girls: when you first got your period, it was nerve racking to ask your mom for supplies, amirite?