the bible is not a book full of opinions. it is the truth and there is no way around it

What truth? The genesis creation has been disproven, there's no evidence of a global flood, no evidence of the Israelites in Egypt or the surrounding desert for 40 years, no real evidence of the existence of Jesus let alone the divinity of Jesus, and any morality taught by jesus was taught hundreds of years before him by Buddha and Confusius, so I see no truth behind the bibles claims.

It depends on the situation, if a person cuts you off in traffic, apathy, if a government denies your rights, anger is necessary, but make no mistake anger and violence are not the same thing.

You wonder why, while half the world is starving, half the people you know are trying to lose weight. Amirite?

I think the problem with poverty, is our government, and other governments would rather find ways to kill each other, instead of finding ways to help everyone. If as a species, we took the money out of our military budgets, and put it into a group science fund, (the best scientists from each nation work together on problems that effect their countries, and advancing the technologies,) this would make the world a better more peaceful place. And just think of how advanced we could be in like 20 years. Flying cars, teleportation, true virtual reality, superfoods, terraforming, etc... The possibilities are endless.

What is your reason for belief, or lack of belief in a god/gods. And why should that be a reason others should convert to your way of thinking?
@BetterThanEzra1119 So I guess I'm the first one to post that they believe in God...awkward. To acknowledge some of the other...

I'm not trying to take anything from your experiences, but when I was younger, I was very into my church, I really believed everything I was taught, I would go on every mission trip, and preach to people, hoping to win souls for God. But when I stopped going to church, mostly because of the politics, and bigotry of the southern baptist churches around me, I started thinking about why I had faith, I looked at experiences, that I credited God with, like good grades, getting better from being sick, healing people I prayed for, and innumerable other things. Then I thought about the prayers that weren't answered, and how the were far more in number than those that were. And once I thought about the laws of probability, and the other factors, like the doctors who operated on my knee had years of training, and schooling, that the medicines I took for my sicknesses, were specially designed for combating the cause of the diseases, that the doctors treating my friends and family deserved the credit, and my studying and my learning and hardwork got me the good grades. I think that if God makes you feel better that's great, but I think it was the confidence, that you had God, that helped you make friends, I think it's the hard work you put into your education that got you into the Disney program. I think it was your choice to do both English and psychology as a major, because you enjoy them, not because God wanted you to pick those. I just feel, and this is my personal belief, that you deserve far more credit for the person you are, and are becoming, than you are giving yourself.

You can pick only one, what is your favorite color?
What would the world be like if you were god?

Probably a lot more logical than the Christians view of the world. For starters I wouldn't burn the people who don't think I'm real.

Young people support gay rights simply because they are unaware of any opposing viewpoints, amirite?

I support human rights, it just so happens that gays are people too. gasps shocker!!!

It's amazing how much God loves us. He could cause the non-believers to seize to exist when they die. They don't want to spend their lives with Him, why should He spend their deaths with them? But no. That would just be evil. Instead He would much rather punish them with eternal torture in a lake of fire because He loves us all so much, amirite?

Isn't God great! I'd follow God teachings if I had kids. I'd put my infant in a room with rat poison, then be sure to tell him not to eat it, because Adam could totally comprehend the magnitude of the act of defiance, then I'd just kinda watch, and if my child ate the poison, well he has free will.

Do you think the bible is true? Why or why not?

No, for the simple fact that none of the outrageous claims have ever been demonstrated to be historically accurate, and that there is no record of Jesus ever existing, let alone performing miracles.

Why do atheist hate Christianity? They love to attack Christians.

No, atheists who hate religion, don't think that people are born evil, and have to be forgiven by some totalitarian, celestial, dictator, or even that the idea of a celestial, all knowing, dictator, who can punish you for thought crimes. Or that the mass genocide, infanticide, sanctioned rape, murder, and slavery of the bible, points to a benevolent, loving, merciful, father figure, aka God.

Why do atheist hate Christianity? They love to attack Christians.

I'm super excited about the idea of life on Europa! It's so freakin' cool, there might be more life out there, in our solar system.

Is the Christian god real or not?

The Christian bible is rife with contradictions, Jesus has never been proven to exist, and the Christian God would be a contradiction. He is unchanging, but changed his mind on laws like the not eating pork, shellfish, etc., the doctrine of free will is a joke under an all powerful, all knowing, all present, God. So unless God is illogical, and irrational, he could not exist.

When a company is already making hundreds of thousands, millions or even billions of dollars, why are they still cutting quality and/or workforce?
@All of them?

No, quite a few though.