A buttplug with a built in kazoo, amirite?
The human race as a collective is slowly getting dumber as the years go on. amirite?

Idk man. I think if you took someone from 1,000 years ago, they'd be pretty dumb… maybe more self sufficient in a lot of ways, but certainly not book smart - I think it was pretty rare for the average Joe to get an education up until maybe 100-150 years ago.

I think collectively we're getting smarter - just dumb people have more opportunities to be heard nowadays.

There's a special circle in hell for you mfers that order delivery right before we close. amirite?
@KilljoyX You're getting paid, though.

Not nearly enough. Some time is more valuable than other time.

The feet of all humans who stand on a level surface are always pointing to the same location (the center of the earth) amirite?

What if they have their feet spread--like a sailors stance? (An upside down V).

In the game monopoly we are all conmen/woman, amirite?
For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?
@srilart Ironically, a huge goal of mine during sex is to not procreate.

If its legitimate sex the male body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down.

Middle aged women are attracted to the pool boy because he cleans something. amirite?
Chances are you drank from a lake that at one point had human remains, amirite?

The one in my backyard currently does.

The most successful species (biologically) are the ones who became the most useful to human beings, amirite?

There are over 100 trillion mosquitos in the world and they're the worst.

Someone has a world record for killing the most mosquitos, amirite?

They probably fly a plane that sprays for mosquitoes

if Benedict Cumberbatch makes you eggs, regardless of style, they are eggs Benedict. amirite?

I prefer eggs Benedryl.

In the same way that random people are in the background of your photos, you're the random person in the background of more photos than you'll ever realize. amirite?

I know… and I probably look horrible in every one. I'm probably the person they zoom in on and say "Haha! Look at this lady! What's up with her face?"

There better be WiFi in Heaven, amirite?

In heaven, youre the wifi

If you were infinitely fast you would get where you go before you get there. amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk Other things are stationary so you move before they get you.

Do you know what air friction is? It's kinda like how a fish can't dodge water

Only articulate people use the word articulate, amirite?

Well articulately, some don't