AJ, BJ, CJ, DJ and EJ are great nicknames, but FJ, GJ, HJ and IJ sound terrible. amirite?
We're not very creative when it comes to naming sports. amirite?
If you text someone with multiple personalities. You're always in a group chat, amirite?

Multiple personalities don't work like that. In my (limited) experience they have such different roles / purposes that they don't overlap socially much.

I interacted a lot with the multiples a friend of mine had a lot in person, but I only ever got one chat message from one of the others.

Storm from X men would save more lives if she just stuck to improving agriculture. amirite?

basically these super heros suck at using their powers to save people

All museums are technically thieves' dens that showcase their stolen antique/important valuables. amirite?
@Impolsion No. People can donate things to museums. I'm sure there are museums that don't have stolen goods in them.

most smaller museums that cover local history run like completely on donations or ethically purchased items.

The base unit of procrastination is 5 minutes, amirite?
Dads don't care about their yard looking nice. They just want to be left alone for a couple of hours each week. amirite?

Once my neighbor cuts his I have 72 hours to respond.

Salt is a rock. We season our food with sand. amirite?

Pardon me, but I don't think you know wtf you're talking about.

There's a special circle in hell for you mfers that order delivery right before we close. amirite?
Every single person on planet Earth talks with an accent, amirite?

Not every single person on planet earth can talk. So, you're wrong.

If/When technology fails, the movie's we all watched will become our stories to tell. amirite?

Guess these franchises.

"The Destroyer of worlds Decade"
"A Saiyan raised on Earth"
"Last son of Krypton"
"The son of Lord Yondaime"
"The Fall of the hero with no fear"
"A world of Marvelous heroes"
"Space Pirates searching for the ultimate power"
"The longest treasure hunt"

Refusing to wear a helmet is your brain not considering itself important enough to protect. amirite?

Could be just not enough brains in the first place

All they have to do is cut off Michael Myers's head, it's not like it'll grow back, amirite?

Then they wldnt be able to create 20 million sequels!! Lol

Mockingbirds think we communicate in car alarm and siren. amirite?

So do cockatiels. 😐

Dealing competently with unlucky situations is an aspect of intelligence. amirite?