The people on Wikipedia that wrote the section about humans were technically just writing about themselves, amirite?

Ego trippin bastards. (Shakes fist at those damn kids on my lawn!)

Your neighbors are probably more used to seeing your house from the outside than you are, amirite?
Social media is journalism without any ethics, morals, or rules. amirite?

Journalism is socal media without any accountability.

If you were forced into a room full of every single fart you have ever produced, you would most likely enjoy the smell. amirite?

Ive woken myself gagging think my dog had shat inside, I kost definitely wouldn't enjoy it

There is an easily made typo of bigger, amirite?
People are by default selfish, which is why genuine Saints surprise people. amirite?

Idk i think people are taught to be selfish because its the best way of making money.

Antonio from Encanto is going to do some qustionable things with his gift when he gets older. amirite?

That entire side of thr family will most likely (Dolores as a voyuer, Camillo could be the ultimate prostitute, and Antonio could be into beastiality since animals can consent to him)

Maybe your dog keeps bringing the ball back because he thinks you just like throwing it. amirite?

It does make me smile

All fiction is propaganda. even if the author doesn't intend a moral, their values inevitably show through. amirite?

This is so stupid

The base unit of procrastination is 5 minutes, amirite?

Tbh for me it's 2 min lol.

If named correctly, the pro-forced birth movement would have likely been aborted, amirite?

Anti-forced murder movement*