The image of a man smiling broadly while being carried away from protest by LAPD makes you smile too. Amirite?

What's going on in this picture?

The demand for graduate degrees has increased such that today's Bachelor's degree is yesterday's Associate's. Given this fact, I think government-funded financial aid programs should be expanded to cover graduate degree education.

It's becoming this way because it's easier to get already. If we made it even easier, graduate degrees would become more and more worthless as time went on.

The youth of today have it way too easy. Just once I would like to see them have to go through the trouble of blowing into a video game just to make it work.

Oh yeah, because your life was so hard. With video games, tv, and other technologies, right?

Small diners are much better than big chain restaurants. You get better service, better food and the prices are usually better. Nothing beats home cooked family recipes.

I disagree. The prices tend to be a lot higher and there's worse service.

Somewhere in your mind, you can't help but think that Psy made Gangnam Style just to show how society's standards of music have been degraded. Then you realize you don't care because it's damn catchy, amirite?

Wasn't it made to show how obsessed they were in Korea with the western culture? I heard that somewhere so I don't know if it's true of not...

Why do people abuse children? If they don't want the children they have, give them away. There are tons of potential adoptive parents out there that would love the child and take care of them.

Why do people kill people? Why do people rape people? Because people are messed up.

There was something sweet about being able to finger-paint without having any worries. Didn't even worry about getting the paint off. Things just felt so much more safe and peaceful then. That was the life, amirite?

You could still do that...

It's weird having a spin-off (not sequel) that ran for longer than the original show, amirite? Sort of like having an arm with >50% of your body mass

What are some examples of this?

Higgs-Bosson discovery is worthy of the Nobel Prize.

Can someone, in simplest form, tell me what this is?

It seems as if saying you're depressed isn't a real excuse for anything anymore, amirite?

Because everyone thinks they are.


A lot of people think gay marriage is mentally wrong. It goes against what we are designed to do.

Boys: we don't want to see your underwear as much as you want to see ours. amirite?
Why is it if you are a pretty black girl who speaks well it's automatically assumed you're mixed...why can't she just be a pretty black girl...don't try to dilute her ethnicity amirite?

Who thinks that? Honestly I've never heard that.

Why do some artists get so angry when people download their music for free? Oh, you can't buy that mansion that's a little bit bigger than your other ten? Poor baby! I have to choose between buying your cd's or buying groceries! Amirite?

If you can't afford music then don't buy it. Just don't steal it either.

If Christianity did end up to be false, you would have no regrets for living your life in the Christian faith, amirite?